Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Melaka Part I: Hatten Hotel

Are you planning to have short vacation trip and relax yourself? Why not consider visiting to Malacca, Malaysia? In Malaysia, the local known as Melaka (Malay language) or the Historical State.

In Melaka, this is the place where you can find many transitional food at Jonker Street and you can get to taste the mix-cultural food like the Peranakan cuisine.

Only in Melaka, where you can find many historical building structures, which was carefully preserved by the local. Do you know that Malacca are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site? Additional, you can find the only Portuguese town in South East Asian which is located right here in Melaka!

I will be writing Four part of Melaka which I recently traveled for short vacation.

I recommend you to stay at Hatten Hotel which is just one year old. Which I can considered as a new hotel since the surrounding of the Melaka are mature hotel. Hatten Hotel located in a very good location at Mahkota. Where the hotel is very near to UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Jonker street. If you are into shopping, this hotel also connected to the shopping mall!

When I step into their hotel lobby, I am totally impressed and amused by their interior. Their ceiling fixed with shiny crystal which makes their hotel lobby look bright and their hotel wall pinned with artistic frame. Hatten hotel also displayed Buddha near to the lift lobby.

During my check in to the hotel room at the reception counter, the queue was really messed up as during their peak hour where their hotel guests check in and check out at the same time. which basically consume a lot of time especially when you are here for a short vacation and time are very dearly precious to you.

I patiently waited for my turn to check in and I am greeted by the friendly staff at the counter. Although there one guest who created trouble as he waited for quite long but the staff extremely professional to explain to the guest and will be servicing them after she served me.

Hatten also provided compliment breakfast buffet and free internet access in the hotel room if you bring your own laptop as the LAN Cable is inside their hotel room or you can use their free wireless (WIFI) access at the hotel lobby, lift lobby, cafe, ballroom are swimming pool area.

I think that the hotel should provide in-room free wifi access as nowadays everyone use their smartphone or tablet to access to internet. Furthermore, not many people willing to bring their laptop if they going to spend in Melaka for less then 3 days. I am sure they will improve when time goes on.

She assigned my hotel room (Junior Suite) at 12F. I am excited to see what my hotel room look like!! When I reach 12F, I am amused that their lift lobby are so classic and allow their guests to rest and surf net using the free wifi. Even the swimming pool also located at this level as well.

When I wanted to enter to my hotel room, I need to tap my hotel room card to access the corridor in order to reach my hotel room. It also enhance the hotel security.

When I open my hotel door, my reaction was 'WOW'. It was so lovely and neat. My hotel room are big and spacious! The room equips with two wall mounted TV in separated location so that your families, friend or love one can watch differences show in differences location. They also mounted the artistic frame on the wall as well.

I am rather disappointed is that I could not see any nice scenery of Melaka as my room was facing the backyard of the swimming pool. But I do enjoy my room as it makes me feel like I am at home. What's more, they also provide iron in the room so that you could iron your clothing!

Let's talk about their toilet. Their toilet is clean and neat. They also equip with rain shower head! I really enjoy it with rain shower head!

I planned to gym at 12F during the night but somehow their signage are not accurate. I tried to find the gym but somehow I could not able to find it and their swimming pool access to the gym are not 24 hours. It will be great if their gym are 24 hours and they could install more signage for the direction. It was kinda pity that I could not able to use their gym facility.

Let's talk about their breakfast buffet at the cafe. The hotel Chatterz cafe located at 11F and during this peak hour, the lift was extremely slow and the Chatterz cafe are so crowded that we are begin asked to go to the grand ballroom to have our breakfast buffet.

It was my first experience that I am having my breakfast buffet at the ballroom due to Chatterz cafe was full. To my surprised, they used Gas stove which was supposed not allowed due to safety compliance. No constant supervision of fire and the guests are too close to the stove especially when the kids are around. They should use electrical stove instead.

Overall, I had a great pleasant experience hotel stay at Hatten Hotel! If I have a chance to visit to Melaka, I will definitely want to stay Hatten hotel again! But with a nice scenery view of Melaka. Thank you Hatten Hotel for giving such a great hospitality for all their guests to stay.

To find out more on Hatten Hotel or their promotion, please logon to their official website here or their Facebook Page here.

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