Saturday, May 4, 2013

Melaka Part III: Jonker Street

Jonker Street is located in the heart of Melaka and it is very near to Christ Church Melaka. During the Evening time in Weekends, Jonker Street is very crowded as the store vendor will form outdoor street bazaar.

In Jonker Street, you can find many famous local cuisine, handmade handcraft, retro display set, soft toys and many more which you need to come here and explore yourself!

Over here, you can see many pre-war time buildings which is very similar to Singapore Chinatown. In fact, Jonker Street can also consider as Melaka State Chinatown. In Joker Street, you must try their famous well known Chicken Rice Ball, Ice Chandol, Nyonya food and many more.

I had a chance to try Chicken Rice Ball at RAMOSA Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant. The Rice Ball was very yummy and tasty. I tried their Chicken meat. Although their chicken meat was very tendered but somehow the meat was very hard and it takes time to chew the meat.

It's not recommend for elderly to eat due to the chicken meat was tough to bite. Or perhaps on that day, the chicken they used was old chicken.

Come to ordering of drink, I recommend you to drink their home-made herbal tea! The home-made herbal tea can makes you to cool down your body during the hot and humid day.

If you love Durian, you can try their home-made Durian puff which located near to Taman Warisan Dunia Jonker Walk. The Durian puff was freshly made and it was very juicy and I can able to eat the durian 'meat'.

While I explored around to Jonker Street, I saw many interesting stuff. You can find some stalls selling retro items like Wooden slipper, childhood game card like Old Maid, Donkey and Happy family. I also saw Pop Pop which I used to play. It really bring back old good memory.

Some of the lane, you can find people queuing up to buy food like fried cuttlefish and some local delights.

I got the chance to taste the street hawker dessert stall which is just opposite the Christ Church Melaka. I tried the original ice chandol and durian ice chandol. The only different was that they add in Durian ice cream. The taste was very sweet and the ingredients was freshly made.

While I explored around Jonker Street, I saw many people eating the egg shape of dessert and I really wondering how the taste was like. So I decided to get one for myself. It known as Magic Egg ice cream.

I got it at RM3 and I took the Lemon flavour. It was very milky and very sweet. But it was brain freeze during the humid day in Melaka. Apart from Lemon Flavour, you can choose Chocolate, Durian, Mango and Strawberry.

San Shu Gong 三叔公 is a well-known brand in Melaka. They are famous for Durian ice chandol, Durian Kaya jam (Coconut Jam) and some of the local delight.

I tried their well-known ice-chandol and I also got myself the Durian Kaya Jam. Their chandol was very sweet and refreshing. They put quite a lot of red bean as well. I loved their red bean as it was very tasty.

For the Durian Kaya Jam, I can tasted the durian smell and I can tasted the sweetness too. It was kinda weird as I ate it with bread. It was the only kind which you could only find it right here in Melaka.

I really love the food and the culture in Melaka. Although I do not really like to eat sweetness stuff and at Melaka I could not stop resistant by eating all their sweet stuff in Melaka.

If you plan to visit to Melaka, try to plan on weekends as there are more stalls to explore around.

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