Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

In the laze Saturday, my friend Ivy and I decided to visit quiet town located at Jalan Riang for Brunch. We arranged to meet at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange (Terminus) and then we hop on to SBS Transit Bus Number 135.

We alighted one bus stop after Seragoon NEX Mall and then walk approximately 18 minutes before we could reached Jalan Riang. It located deep inside the Private Estate of Braddell Heights.

When we reached Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe, we are amused by the cafe decorate! It was so retro and beautiful. Ivy decided to pose herself in front of the retro car!

When we step inside the cafe, we waited for the staff to serve us as the cafe was crowded. Soon, the staff served us and direct us to our seat and we are assigned at the backyard seat.

The backyard seat which was so humid and the sun shine through the glass and it gave us a hard time to read the menu.

Furthermore, we could not feel the air con at the backyard. So we decided to approach the staff if we could able to change our seat. The staff helped us to change the seat which was not so hot and glaring.

We ordered 2 glasses of Iced Ribena (SGD2 Ea), Cottage Pie (SGD$12) and Flourless Orange Cake (SGD$6 Ea) but was changed to Root Beer Cake (SGD$6 Ea) as they run out of Flourless Orange Cake.

Soon, our drink and food was here. When I ate Cottage Pie, I tasted Beef! The staff should informed us that Cottage Pie contains Beef and the menu did not indicate as well -.-

So, I dig out the beef and passed to Ivy while she passed me the vegetable. Overall, the taste are awesome! The Cottage Pie are crispy and yummy.

Finally our Root Beer Cake was served. Although the appearance look like normal Brownie with Ice cream but once you bite it, you can tasted the Root Beer melting in your mouth as the Brownie was hot and delicious. In the hot weather, have a bite of ice cream really make you cool down your body temperature!

If you intend to dine with a group of friend, I advice you to make a reservation before heading down to Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe by calling them at +65 62891489.

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe are located at 15-2 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987.
Their Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 1300 hours to 2230 hours
                                   Saturday and Sunday 0900 hours to 2300 hours
                                   Close on Monday.

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