Monday, February 17, 2014

The Full Moon in Singapore

On the 17th February 2014, I managed to photo shoot the full moon in Singapore. I took me quite some time to captured some of the best shots as I do not own powerful lens for Astrology.

The Moon looked very bright in orange colours. It was so clear that I could able to see the detailed of the Full moon.

From the photo that shown above, does it look the same like our Motherly Earth? I am wondering, can we actually live in other part of the planet as somehow the Moon and Mars look almost the same as our Motherly Earth and those planet are actually near to the Sun.

It is very mystery in our solar system. Will there be a living thing in other planets which we yet to discover? How does it make our Motherly Earth to be so unique that it is suitable to live? 

Perhaps, we still need some years or another 100 years to discover and solve the mystery and we actually can migrant to other planets to live on.

If you have a choice, which of the planets you would like to migrant and live on? Will we still be loyalty to our Motherly Earth or entire human being and living creatures abandon Motherly Earth and shift to other planets?

As for now, our weather temperature added on +0.5 degree celsius each year as we continue neglect our Motherly Earth. we should care for our Motherly Earth and we should try to recycle every items as we could. 

If not, our next generation or even yourself will be suffer in 10 to 20 years from now due to our own cause.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Singapore Airshow 2014 (11-16 February 2014)

I am very fortunate to receive the Singapore Airshow 2014 complimentary ticket on the last day of the airshow. Many guests all flocked to Expo MRT Station to board the free shuttle bus to Changi Exhibition Centre.

Singapore Airshow 2014 held every two (2) Years and also the largest exhibition organiser in Asia that features the newest technology for the Aerospace/ Aviation industry. At Singapore Airshow 2014, the Singapore Airforce and Overseas Airforce will perform stunting aerobatic flying displays to the invited guests (11-14 February 2014) and to the public (15- 16 February 2014).

Not only aerobatic flying displays, visitors get the chance to ride and photo taking with the Republic's and overseas Airforce planes and helicopters. 

If this not enough for you, you can visit to the Republic's Airforce exhibition hall, where you will have the better understanding of the Singapore Airforce history. You also can try the driving simulator of controlling the flight and catch the 3D show.

If you missed this year Singapore Airshow 2014, you can visit to the Singapore Airshow 2016, which will be held on 16-21 February 2016. You can visit to their official website here for more information.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

[EXCLUSIVE] Khalis Fitri Interview, Manhunt Singapore 2014 Contestant

Khalis Fitri is 24 year old, standing at 1.74m, 65kg. He will be taking part in Manhunt Singapore 2014 this year. How well do you know/understand him and what makes Khalis Fitri to join the Manhunt Singapore 2014?

I am very fortunate to have exclusive interview with Khalis Fitri, Manhunt Singapore 2014 contestant.

Below are the exclusive interview with Khalis Fitri.

Tell us more about yourself?

I am currently working Full Time as an Operation Technician. I am more of a quiet kind of person and my hobby is to hit to the gym!!

What makes you to join Manhunt Singapore 2014?

Firstly, I was challenged by my younger brother which was also a finalist in Manhunt Singapore 2012. Secondly, I would like to gain more exposure and also make friends and have fun at the same time!

What is your preparation for this coming Manhunt Singapore 2014?

Going all clean in term of food consumption and also train on my public speaking as I have stage fright!

How long have you been to the gym?

Around 3 years plus.

Who inspired you to the gym and how the person did?

My brother! I was skinny then. When I see my brother bulking up with those muscles, I get Jealous! So I decided to go to the gym with him!!

Do you think you can inspire people? Why?

Yes! I can inspire people! Going to the gym for an hour a day doesn't kill you! When you have a will, there's always a way!

I am sure many people would love to know this!!

Are you single or Attached??

I am attached!

Who is your most important person in life and go through all the process with you?

It would be my family and my one and only girlfriend!

I understand that you had taken part in Mediacorp Suria Drama, 'DI LUAR GARISAN'.

Can you tell us your character that you had taken part and what was your experience in filming?

My character was being a Police Officer.

The experience was great and at the same time overcome the fear of camera shooting/filming at you!

If you have the chance to be celebrity in the Entertainment industry, are you keen and why?

Definitely. Its like you can see different things everyday! Scenes, People etc.

What makes you to be so special/ unique?

Thank God which have given me this special/ unique look. Everyone has its beauty in their own way. But what I like most is my smile. People said that I got that charming smile!

<Conclusion Note>

During the interview with Khalis Fitri, I can felt his sincerity from his bottom of his heart, a kind, friendly, polite and sense of humour personality.

Khalis Fitri is very charming guy as he got the charming smile that makes him to be extremely friendly and easy to approach person! He is very fit too! Those who know him well definitely will agree to me!

Khalis Fitri need your support! Please show your support by voting for him for his Manhunt Singapore 2014. He is contestant number 1! Every vote counts and it is very important to him!

If you have any encouragement message that you want to let Khalis Fitri know, you can leave the comment below and I will send all your wishes to him!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

ChinGay 2014 (Colours of Fabric, One People)

On the 7th February 2014, which is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, I am extremely fortunate to attend ChinGay 2014 Street Parade which is organised by The People's Association.

Many people from all walks of life are happily attend this yearly National event which held at F1 Pit. ChinGay is also the largest street performance and float parade in Asia.

Do you know that ChinGay parade have been in Singapore more than 40 years? ChinGay was founded by the Then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew in the 70's.

ChinGay was introduced in Singapore during the 70's due to the ban on firecrackers. To the Chinese, firecrackers are very important during the Chinese New Year. As it is a customary practice to drive away the evil spirits.

To compensate for the ban on firecrackers, The People's Association will held a street parade during the Chinese New Year.

In the 1976, it also included other races to performance in ChinGay parade to celebrate this event together.

In 1987, ChinGay included international flavour to perform. Since then, many international artistes and troupes visit Singapore to perform and also celebrating the Chinese New Year with us.

This year the theme for ChinGay 2014 will be known as Colours of Fabric, One People. Do you know that this year ChinGay are very unique and special? As there are many organisers will be joining in this street Parade for the first time! Those are, The Ballet, Singapore Getai and many more.

For the first day of ChinGay 2014, the guest of honour who will be gracing for this street parade event are The Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

It was a great and wonderful night to enjoy ChinGay 2014. You should not miss it! Visit to my Facebook Page here to view more photos.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

Every year, Singapore River Hongbao carnival will held at the Floating Platform, Marina Bay. This year will be the 28th years that the organiser had organised.

At the Singapore River Hongbao 2014 Carnival, you will be expected Chinese handcrafted lantern displays, LIVE performance on Chinese culture. If that not enough for you, you can visited to the Food Street, where you can try Yunan and other cultural food.

You also can visited to the Cultural street to get the ethnic costumes, cultural products, handcrafted jewellery and many more. You can also can get Calligraphy for free! If you are stamp or first cover collector, you may wish to visit to Singapore Post Office Booth to buy Limited Edition Gallop Year stamps and First Cover!

The carnival also have wishing well where the public can toss and throw their coins to wish for wealth, health, career and marriage.

Member of the public can visit to Singapore River Hongbao 2014 from 29 January to 8 February 2014. Admission is Free. 

Member of the public are advised to take public transport as the road will be quite congested. You can alighted at any of the nearby MRT stations:  CC4/DT15 Promenade Station, CC3 Esplanade Station, NS25/EW13 City Hall Station and/or NS26/EW14 Raffles Place Station.

You may want to read last year, Singapore River Hongbao (The Year of the Snake) 2013 here.