Monday, February 17, 2014

The Full Moon in Singapore

On the 17th February 2014, I managed to photo shoot the full moon in Singapore. I took me quite some time to captured some of the best shots as I do not own powerful lens for Astrology.

The Moon looked very bright in orange colours. It was so clear that I could able to see the detailed of the Full moon.

From the photo that shown above, does it look the same like our Motherly Earth? I am wondering, can we actually live in other part of the planet as somehow the Moon and Mars look almost the same as our Motherly Earth and those planet are actually near to the Sun.

It is very mystery in our solar system. Will there be a living thing in other planets which we yet to discover? How does it make our Motherly Earth to be so unique that it is suitable to live? 

Perhaps, we still need some years or another 100 years to discover and solve the mystery and we actually can migrant to other planets to live on.

If you have a choice, which of the planets you would like to migrant and live on? Will we still be loyalty to our Motherly Earth or entire human being and living creatures abandon Motherly Earth and shift to other planets?

As for now, our weather temperature added on +0.5 degree celsius each year as we continue neglect our Motherly Earth. we should care for our Motherly Earth and we should try to recycle every items as we could. 

If not, our next generation or even yourself will be suffer in 10 to 20 years from now due to our own cause.

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