Monday, May 26, 2014

Malacca 2014

Ever since I travelled to Malacca last year, I fall in love with this Historic State that I decided to travel back to Malacca and booked the same hotel, Hatten Hotel for my short trip vacation! I also booked coach ticket from Grassland Express and Tours Pte Ltd.

From Singapore to Malacca takes approximately 4.5 to 5 hours by coach (About 198.01 km). Along the journey, the bus driver will stop at Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia. So that the bus driver and the passengers can rest and grab food before continuing the journey to the North or South.

From Yong Peng, you can grab the local Prepaid Sim card to get connected to the outside world especially in this social-media era where you need to Facebook, Instagram, twitter and etc.

I strongly recommend you to get DIGI BEST! Prepaid where you start to connect to the outside world instantly! It is easy to use as it comes with Normal/Micro SIM Card where you can put it inside to your phone without cutting it!

If you worry that they will conned your money just to get the prepaid card, DIGI BEST! Prepaid cost RM10.80 (SGD$4.15) and you are required to top up/reload RM20 in order to use it. They also required your passport to register (BY LAW and Nation Security Purpose. Similarity to Singapore LAW where it required all prepaid user to register in order to use it due to Nation Security ACT).

Still if you still think that they will still conned your money, head down to DIGI AUTHORISED Shop or you continue your journey without connecting to outside world till you reach Malacca.

Finally, the bus reached Malacca district and I am rather annoyed by bus driver. They did not knew where HATTEN HOTEL located and they just simply asked us to alight (First alight at Malacca Hotel! I told the driver that this is not HATTEN HOTEL and he kept saying it in Bahasa Malaysia [BM](Malaysia National Language). I told him to wait and I called the hotel and asked the hotel staff to speak with the bus driver in BM.

So we continue the journey again. Soon, he told us to alight again. I even showed him the photos and told him that it is near Mahkota Parade and I need to call the Hotel again and them ask for direction! Because of the bus driver did not even know their direction!!

Finally, the bus driver get it right and alight us at HATTEN HOTEL!!! This is the worst nightmare from GRASSLAND bus driver!! I never encountered this before where the bus driver did not know the location when they are scheduled to drive Malacca. We are so worry that when we depart back to Singapore, the bus driver did not know the hotel location and fetch us!! We LOL.

After that, we went to Check in counter and informed that our hotel room is not ready and asked us to return back at 3pm to get our hotel room. So we went to Malacca biggest shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

We went straight to A&W to have Root-beer and Waffle ice cream! As Singapore did not have A&W anymore, so most Singaporeans will make an effort to dine in A&W when they are in overseas! After that we went back to Hatten Hotel to get our room key.

I am very delighted that I got sea view room although it faced Mahkota Medical Centre (Hospital). After settled down our hotel room, we went out and explored Malacca Place of interest!

We went to St Paul hill and visited to St Paul's Church. It is a historic church building in Malacca and was originally built in 1521.

After that, we head down to Christ Church Melaka. It founded in 1753 and this is the oldest functioning protestant church in Malaysia!

Then, we slowly walked over to Jonker Street and explored the area. Do you know that weekends, Jonker Street will turn into bazaar street during evening time, where visitors can try the local cuisine or get the latest gadgets through the bazaar stalls.

While walking, we discovered a new cafe in the historic state of Malacca and you won't believe it! The Daily Fix Cafe founded in 2014 and located inside NEXT KK SDN BHD. You won't know there is cafe inside unless you step inside the shop.

The Daily Fix Cafe decoration very homely and makes you so comfortable and most of the delights are made by the lady boss! For instant, Gula Melaka Cake (Palm sugar Cake). For those who have sweet tooth will definitely love this!! It only cost at RM4.50 (SGD1.73)! For such a tasty and delicious cake, it is consider very cheap!

You can also order a cup of coffee to chill first before continue exploring Jonker Street and at the same time, relax yourself and enjoy your life in this historic state! Please noted that The Daily Fix Cafe only deal in Cash Term only!

If you are interested to know more on The Daily Fix Cafe, you may wish to click here for more information.

After that we continued our journey and explored around. We saw many historic place of worship buildings which are over 100 years old! It is so amazing they are still in good condition!

After that, we went to the famous Jonker 88 for their Ice Chendol! This place is very crowded and it took us quite a while before we could find a seat to enjoy their dessert! This is the place where you should not be missed!!

If you are Dim Sum lover or carving for Dim Sum, you should not missed this small bazaar which sell Dim Sum at a reasonable price! The bazaar stall is located near to Geographer Cafe. You can choose any Dim Sum that you liked and just pay them!

If you realised that the Jonker Street is actually a Arts and Culture street where you can find many interesting things that you would never see it elsewhere!

If you are smoker, Jonker Street are prohibited smoking area! You will be FINE if you are caught smoking! Please smoke at designated place and obey the Law and Orders.

If you love Mamee, you definitely going to love this!! You can able to get Mamee merchant and World's Best instant noodles 2014, Mamee instant noodles can be found at Jonker house!

It is the first and only Mamee boutique store in Malaysia! Not only that, they also have cafe for visitors to dine in and museum which are going to open soon!

After that, we walked over to A'Famosa Fort which we should not be missed! As it is part of the Malacca heritage attraction that visitors should come here to visit! After that, you can take a ride from the well decorated trishaw and explore Malacca or you may choose to shop in Malacca largest shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall/Mahkota Parade.

If you visit to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall/Mahkota Parade, there is one crepe cafe which you should not be missed! Nadeje Cake Shop is well-known in Malacca. If you visit Nadeje after 12pm, it will be very crowded and you might need to wait before you can try their delicious crepe!

We ordered Green Tea and Banana Chocolate crepes! It was extremely tasty and yummy! It's very addicting if you want me to describe it! Nadeje Cake Shop located at Mahkota Parade, G23B, EG4 & EG5 (Ground Floor). You may wish to click here for more information.

During the night, you can catch a movie, if you cannot get used to their local cuisine, you can eat at their 24 hours McDonalds. Even at night, this city never sleep as the road full of vehicles.

You should be here in Malacca and I can promise that you will enjoy it!

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