Friday, March 11, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Benny Tan, Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2016

I am very honoured to get exclusive interview with Benny Tan, who will be taking part in this year Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor (EB) 2016.

Hi Benny! Thank you for accepting my exclusive interview with you. First thing first, could you tell us more about yourself? I am sure many of my readers would like to know you better as well!

I am Benny, currently in my final semester in NTU doing Engineering. During my past time, I enjoy working out and reading.

My favourite sports usually involves water! From Swimming to Canoeing to Dragon boat. If I am not on the water, I will be probably at home chilling with my Kindle. I don't have much night lifestyle as I live it pretty simple. J

I heard that you are taking part in this year Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2016. Now, tell us what makes you interested in joining this Cleo's EB and who actually nominated you to Cleo EB?

I got a few friends who participated in last seasons of Cleo's EB. One of them was my army buddy and other one was a teammate of mine.

They nominated me to give it a try. From what I heard, they enjoyed themselves and they shared their exciting stories like what they did and who they met. It got me interested and I decided to go for the interview!

Are you quite surprised that you made it to the Final of the Most Eligible Bachelors 2016?

HAHA pretty much!

Partially because I am just an undergrad, the other EBs are pretty established in their respective fields. Just going in to enjoy and make new friends. J

During the Final of Cleo’s EB 2016, what can we expected from you?

This I cant share! Gotta RSVP to the finals party to see some exciting stuff! Haha! J

Cool! Readers, you should know what to do during Cleo's EB final which will be held at Zouk!

Understand that you are into Water sports like canoeing, and dragon boat. Did the girls purposely come over to watch you or your team while you guys training? What is your reaction?

Eh, haha the only girls I ever see training with us are my teammates. Never noticed other girls coming down watch us train. Probably we train at 7 plus in the morning! They might be having their beauty sleep! HAHA!

I am sure that your training for water sports are quite tough and tedious. Can you share with us what is your training consist of?

Mostly involves being on the water. When I was still with the team, we train at least 4 to 5 times a week plus additional 3 to 4 times in the evening. Usually in the evening, can be sprints, static or gym work. Depending on the season we are in.

Do you need to be good swimmer in order to join those water sport games? How would you advice those who are into water sport enthusiast?

HAHA! Preferably year. Because you gotta to be water confident. But I came in not knowing how to swim. Pretty scared I might drown. But thankfully, my army bros got me through my fear of water and now I can swim. 

Knowing how to swim in a way allows you to relax. Even when you capsized you will not fear of getting back into the boat and try again. If through many experimentation and failures, then you will get better at what you do.

Do you think that you can motivate and inspire the youth and able to change their perspective in life?

Motivate the youth? Maybe through sports? It really trains you to be discipline with yourself. From diet and not cheating yourself during training.

Hope others can experience what I have gone through and observe the amount of change to what I have achieve today.

Are you interested to join Entertainment industry in the near future if there is any opportunity for you?

Entertainment? Neh… I am pretty stiff in front of the camera. If there is anyone wants to coach me, TELL ME!

Is there anything, which you would like to tell your supporters out there?

HELP #savebennyfrombeinglast HAHA! I am not going into win but more for the experience. More a #yolo moment for me. But really appreciate those who voted for me. Hope I don’t disappoint you guys ☺ #loveyouguysdeepdeep

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CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2016 Finals Party
Date: March 18, 2016 (Friday)
Time: 7pm -10pm
Venue: ZoukClub^

^Club Rules apply.

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