Monday, March 17, 2014

Closure of McDonald's Place 11 King Albert Park Building

When you tell your friends that you are heading to KAP to mug for your exam, they would know that you are heading over to McDonald's Place.

This is what the most Singaporeans recalled their memories at McDonald's Place, the iconic building at King Albert Park building.

Do you know that KAP is also home to McDonald's Singapore corporate headquarters and also one of the largest McDonald's outlets in Singapore?

This is a very sad news to most of us that McDonald's will be official close and cease operation at 11 King Albert Park Outlet on 16th March 2014 at 23:59 Hours. As King Albert Park Building will be demolish for redevelopment.

For the past 23 years, McDonald's Place served many students in different era. Those who studied at Nee Ann Poly and SIM University would loved to visit here as this is one of their favourite venue to hang out.

Those residents who stayed near to King Albert Park would loved to visit McDonald's Place as it also included Cold Storage (Supermarket) to do their daily marketing. Not only that, there are few cafe like Spinelli Coffee Company, which they can chilled and relax themselves.

During the Hello Kitty Saga, many People would also recalled how they skipped their class and work by taking Medical Certificate from the doctor, just to queue to get the Hello Kitty plushies.

Those who explored the nature along the former KTM Bukit Timah Station railway track would loved to come here. As McDonald's Place are only 3 minutes walking distance from the former KTM Bukit Timah Station railway track.

Some of you might hosted Birthday Party at McDonald's Place before. You invited all your friends and families to come here to celebrate your birthday.

Ronald McDonald would popped by and celebrated with you! All your guests can bring home Happy Meal toy too! Many of your invited guests are envy of you as you can celebrated your birthday here!

Some of you might snapped pictures with mcdonaldland characters near to Cold Storage or outside drive-thru area after your meal.

This fond a great memories to some of you. What is your memories at McDonald's Place at 11 King Albert Park? Share your story with us by commenting this article below.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

i Light Marina Bay 2014

i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival which will be held at Marina Bay, Singapore. It was organised by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and was first launched in year 2010 and subsequently held every two years.

This year, i Light Marina Bay 2014 will be held from 7th to 30th March 2014 between 1930 hours to 2300 hours along Marina Bay Waterfront.

You can get to see the stunning sustainable light art display. Especially the area towards to Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Walk.

If this is not enough for your pleasure, you can sign up for free tour, taking part in the Photography Competition, attend free workshop or watch the free performance live on stage!

If you are hungry, you can visit to the International Food street just outside Marina Bay Sands! Where you can enjoy the delicious food or just sit down and chill with the tasty wine from the around the world!

Come on down and experience the magical i Light Marina Bay sustainable light art festival now! What more, the admission is Free of Charge!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day 2014 (Part 2)

8th March 2014, Singapore. Today marks the International Women’s Day (IWD).

To commemorate this special occasion, I had interviewed a couple of women from all walks of life to share their story to everyone.

Some of their story might inspire, motivate, influence or represent each and every woman in Today's society.

Elva Lee is a Buyer, currently Singapore Permanent Residence.

X: Why do you decided to work in Singapore rather than your hometown, Malaysia?

E: I would like to explore more different things and also due to attractive currency conversion rate, which I can earn more money. Furthermore, I also feel that Singapore is much more safer to live in compared to most of the cities.

X: How do you cope with your emotional when you decided to work in Singapore? As you need to give up in living your comfort zone in Malaysia and left your family members behind?

E: In the beginning, I felt very sad and began homesick as I could not get used to the Singapore culture as most of the people in Malaysia communicate in Bahasa Malaysia. While in Singapore, they are using English to communicate.

Partly because in Malaysia, I used to work in the office. But after I arrived in Singapore, my first job was a Management Trainee in one of the hyper supermarket in Singapore.

Both of the jobs that I worked are in different trade and even the working environment are different. So this was quite challenging for me, but for myself, I like to take up new challenges and I could learn more new things.

X: When you just settled down in Singapore, how do you overcome your homesick?

E: I tried to make more friends and seek for activities. I’m very fortunate as one of my colleagues was my schoolmate so I would not feel so lonely.

X: How long did it take for you to settle down in Singapore?

E: It took me about 5 months to settle down in Singapore, one of the good thing is that the food here are almost the same as Malaysia.

X: Did your parents’ encouraged and gave you comfort when you decided to work in Singapore?

E: No, my parents' are against me to work in Singapore and did not encouraged me. Because they thought that distance are way too far from my hometown and they requested me to go back every month. But due to the tight schedule and working environment, I am not able to go back home every month.

X: What is the working culture between Malaysia and Singapore?

E: Singapore is a fast pace country and more efficient than Malaysia. A bit stressful working in Singapore. ☺

X: Do you think that in Today context of society, more women are accepted in higher-ranking position and being respected compared 10 years ago?

E: Yes, Yet, despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic.

Many women have achieved great things, but there are still those who are struggling and face great difficulties and challenges in their lives.

X:  Do you think that the woman should fight for their dream and their own right?

E: Why not? We are now living in 21st century and women should speak up and fight for their own right?

X: Do you have any encouragement words to all the ladies who wish to work aboard?

E: There are times in our lives when we feel down and out. When we will feel lost and do not know where and how to start from the beginning, always remember that don’t give up easily!

"A woman is like a teabag. It's only when she's in hot water that you realize how strong she is." - Nancy Reagan

International Women's Day 2014 (Part 1)

8th March 2014, Singapore. Today marks the International Women’s Day (IWD).

To commemorate this special occasion, I had interviewed a couple of women from all walks of life to share their story to everyone.

Some of their story might inspire, motivate, influence or represent each and every woman in Today's society.

Sharon Chew is a Sales Director and is happily married with 1 child.

X: How do you cope with your career and your families? Since you need to work and at the same time looking after your cute son?

S: Being a property agent allows me much flexibility in arranging my time. Having strong family support is also very important.

As and when I need to do viewings, my husband, mum and aunty take turns to help look after my son for a while. I try not to bother my mum and aunt too much, so I do my best to be more efficient in my work.

X: Do you think that in Today context of society, more women are accepted in higher-ranking position and being respected compared 10 years ago?

S: Definitely. Women have fought long and hard for more recognition, and I think it is starting to pay off. However, I feel that it is still very much a male-dominated society in the workplace.

X: Do you think that the Mother can actually work to support the family while they left their children to their parent’s/in-law, maid or infantcare/childcare centre to look after?

S: It's really a personal choice, and every mum makes the decision based on her needs and capacity.

We are not comfortable sending our son to an infantcare centre or having a domestic helper to look after him, but I have friends who chose those options and they are doing great.

Some mums don't have much of a choice, as they need to go back to full-time work. Of the 3 options, having our parents to help with our children is definitely the best, but in my case, they are either working or getting on in age, and it's tiring to be running after a 1-year-old the whole day.

I'm blessed in that I am able to stay at home more to look after my son, while my husband carries more of the stress to bring home the moolah.

X: Do you think the public is accepted the mother to breast-feed their child openly in the public?

S: I think they are much more open-minded now. There are more products in the market, such as nursing capes, bras and clothes specially designed to allow breastfeeding mothers to nurse discreetly in public.

I am also very appreciative that there are more and more shopping malls in Singapore that have comfortable nursing rooms.

X: How can we educate the public that breast-feeding is important to the newborn baby?

S: A lot of breastfeeding information is targeted at expectant mothers for now, hence they are usually on motherhood websites, magazines or at hospitals.

I think for the general public to be made more aware, a lot of the advertising has to go out of these spaces to where the general public would be. Eg. at bus stops or cinemas.

X: Do you think that the husband can play an important role to support their wife and take care of the newborn baby together rather than letting their wife to take care all by herself?

S: I think he not only can, but he must! I believe a lot of postnatal depression can be avoided, if the wife receives a lot of support from her husband.

It is a very big transitional period for both, and the husband should not leave his wife to adapt to it alone.

Besides, he would be missing out on a very good opportunity to score points with his wife and bond with his child.

My husband took turns with me to wake up for our son's night feeds, so I could get some much-needed rest, and he bathed our son every morning for quite a few months, until he had to start leaving earlier for work.

Even though he's out running for work most of the week, he still looks after him on Saturdays so I can get some time to myself. Looking after a toddler 24/7 can make you want to go nuts sometimes, and it helps to get some time out.

My husband also bathes our son during the weekends, as that allows him some more father-son bonding time.

X: Do you think that Singapore Company have improved and treat their pregnant employee equally?

S: I think the initiatives from the Singapore government have helped companies to improve in the way they take care of their pregnant employees.

Having said that, I do applaud those companies that care enough to carve out breastfeeding rooms, and set up nursery services for their employees.

X: Do you think that having a kid is a burden to you? As nowadays many new wedding couple do not want to start up a family.

S: Well, many of the things we used to do, we find it more inconvenient to do them now. Not impossible, but they just require more planning and adjusting of expectations.

For example, we used to take off for movies anytime we wanted, but now, we need to arrange for my mum to babysit our son on our date nights.

If we take him along for movies, we are prepared to take turns to carry him outside of the screening hall if he starts making noise.

He doesn't cry often, but he does try to talk to the characters on screen because he thinks they are talking to him!

However, the little inconveniences are a small price to pay for the joy that our son brings to us and our families.

X: What is your greatest moment with your cute son?

S: At his current stage, he is picking up things very quickly, and I go from great moments to great moments! My favorite moments are when he looks right at me, gives me a smile, and touches my face.

X: Do you think that you can inspire other women’s out there? Why?

S: At some points in my life, I may be an inspiration to someone, at other points, I am inspired by others. I think every woman is an inspiration to someone else, if we take the time to listen to her story.

I know so many women who have been through so much, yet they don't think of themselves as anything extraordinary.

To them, they are just getting through one day at a time, by putting one foot in front of the other.

X: Do you have any encouragement words to the reader?

S: To the women, you don't have to try and be tougher than the men. Being a woman is strong enough in itself.

X: Thank you for your time for accepting my interview.

S: My pleasure! Thanks for asking me!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yiruma One night only

Yiruma (이루마) is well known composer and pianist from South Korea. Most of you might heard the most popular piece 'Kiss the Rain' before which was played by him.

Yiruma began to play the piano when he was five and moved to London at the age of eleven to pursue his music at The Purcell School of Music. His music are clam and relaxing especially when you are having stress and just finished your work.

You could google search Yiruma if you yet to know him or listen to his masterpiece! After you listen to his masterpiece, you will definitely fall in love with his music!

Good news for those who live in Singapore! Yiruma will be performing LIVE in Singapore on 5th April 2014 (Saturday) and for one night only! He will be performing at The STAR Theatre (Buona Vista MRT EW21/CC22).

Click here to buy the ticket from SISTIC or you may want to visit at all SISTIC counter. Act fast, before the ticket are all taken! Surely, you won't want to miss it, do you?

Monday, March 3, 2014

[EXCLUSIVE] Elvin Law Interview, Manhunt Singapore 2014 Contestant

Elvin Law, 34, standing at 188cm, 67kg. He is one of the contestant that will be taking part in Manhunt Singapore 2014. I am very fortunate to interview Elvin and will share to all readers why he join this Manhunt Singapore 2014 contest?

Hello Elvin, Thank you for accepting my interview with you! Elvin, tell us more about yourself.

I pursue perfection and when my mind is set on doing something, I wouldn't back out once I embark on it. Definitely not a social butterfly, so many people will find me quiet and reserved. But when I am with closer friends, the other side of me will show. But Definitely, a pleasant person. :)

What makes you to join Manhunt Singapore 2014?

I was referred by a friend and thought at my age if someone thinks I have what it takes, why not? Give myself exposure to the media world and how it feels when all attention are on you!! 'Experience' sums it up.

How is your preparation for this upcoming Manhunt Singapore 2014?

Workout, eating clean and rest well!

Who is your most important person in your life and go through all the process with you?

I usually keep many things to myself and beside my parent's who always gives me support in all I do, I would think the inner me is my next most important person who went through every process with me.

How long you been to the gym?

I started 6 years ago.

What makes you to inspire to gym?

Because of the sports I took part, I need to build the strength I required.

Do you think you can inspire people? Why?

I hope I can, not everyone, but definitely some along the way. Because if I realise I am beginning to set out to inspire someone, I will go all out to get it done!!

Now everyone would love to know this especially to the girls! Are you Single or are you attached?

I am currently Single.

Wow I am sure many girls will be very happy to know about it!!


I understand that you joined Dragon Boat. How long have you been paddler?

Yes! I have been padding for 9 years!

Who introduced this sport to you?

After I graduated and started my first job, I decided I need to find some sports activities to keep myself healthy. Through a conversation with a friend, I try out the sports.

Tell us what is the training like for Dragon Boat?

Minimum 2 hours under the sun and your best friend will be the water, boat and your paddle. Gym and land training are crucial too.

What kind of sport do you like as well?

I like team sport, and I am a regular volleyball player before I started dragon boating.

If you have the chance to be celebrity in the entertainment industry, are you keen and why?

Why not? It will be a different world altogether and its definitely a good experience to explore the road less travelled.

What makes you to be so special/unique?

Physically taller than the average human around?

<Conclusion Note>

When I first met Elvin, I admitted that he is very tall! As what he mentioned he's very introverted personality but once you know him better, he can actually share more things to you.

I can sense that Elvin have a great charismatic and he present himself very well. He loves and very passionate on his Dragon Boat and no matter what it takes, he will make it effort to train with his peers.

Elvin Law need your support! Please show your support by voting for him for his Senior Manhunt Singapore 2014.

Please click here to vote for Elvin. Please note that each vote cost you SGD$11.00 (USD$9.00). Voting closes on 11 September 2014, 1700 hours (SINGAPORE TIME GMT +0800).

Every vote counts and it is very important to him.

Do you have any encouragement message to Elvin on his upcoming manhunt Singapore 2014? You may leave down your message here and I will pass all your encouragement messages to Elvin.

Please click here to view more of Elvin's photos.