Thursday, February 21, 2013

McDonald's added 3 New flavours to Everyday $avers Menu

Today, McDonald's Singapore launch 1 new Ala carte and 2 new desserts in the Everyday $avers Menu!

You can now try the new Honey Lemon Drumlets 2pc, Taro Pie and Blueberry Sundae.

Honey Lemon Drumlet which is selling at SGD$2. It look small but, the drumlet is very juicy and the meat are tender in the inside. Although it is Honey Lemon Drumlet but the Honey Lemon taste are not strong enough although I can taste the flavour.

Taro Pie which is selling at SGD$1. The size of the Taro Pie is the same with apple pie. The filling is hot and tasty. It is very crust is crispy. Finally, we can choose any pie as our desserts.

Although all these years, McDonald's did launched differences flavours of pie like Pineapple and Mandarin Orange but only subject to limit time only. Thus this time, McDonald's Singapore decide to add Taro pie in their Everyday $aver Menu!

Which Pie do you choose? Apple Pie or Taro Pie? I will choose Taro Pie! Hopefully the Taro Pie can sustain for a long time instead of limit time only! So I guess, everyone must order it in order to boost the sales of Taro Pie!

For the blueberry Sundae which is selling at SGD$1.50! While I queued up at the McDonald's Dessert Kiosk, in front of me was a lady who also getting the Blueberry Sundae. She saw the color Red which was look like Strawberry Sundae. The lady questioned the Cashier if she gave the correct dessert.

The cashier told the lady that this is Blueberry Sundae. The lady looked puzzled and told I thought it should be in Blue color instead of red one? The cashier interrupted her and say, we are the one who prepared it and of course what we are selling.

Anyway, it was my turn and order the Blueberry Sundae. Indeed, the color texture look like Strawberry Sundae, as you can see from the pictures displayed.

It kinda sour through but can taste the sweetness from the Blueberry Sundae. I enjoyed having Blueberry Sundae after the tension work load in the office!

So what are you waiting for, hurry down to any McDonald's Singapore and try it yourself!

I Lovin' It!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NS45 with SAFRA

Do you know that our Singapore National Service (NS) was established 45th years ago in year 2012? It was not easy back then. During the hare days, everyone thought that there was no need for us to defend our country as the British army will protect us.

At that time of independence in 9th August 1965, Singapore's Army comprised only two regular infantry Battalions, The First, Second Battalions and Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR). As the The British government impending to withdraw it troops in Singapore in the late 60's.

The National Service (NS) act was passed on 14th March 1967. As Singaporeans have the need to protect it own country and defend on ourselves. Pink enlistment reminder cards were sent to Singaporean males who were born between 1 Jan 49 and 30 Jun 49. On 17 August 1967, Singapore's first cohort of full-time national servicemen were enlisted which also known as First Generation Army.

[My dad told me that since after the Singapore's independence, the government launched it's first volunteer recruitment campaign. My dad actually went forward and wanted to join the army.

But then, he told me that at that time, the Army and the safety was not easily compared to now. The safety and peace was uncertainly. They will each given a card (Life-Death contract) and give them few days to decide if they really wanted to volunteer themselves as they will be the front-liner if Singapore safety was being threaten.

After much consideration, my dad decided not to volunteer himself as my grandmother was against it and worried about the safety. My dad felt disappointed through and he also unable to join the first generation army was he was beyond the date which was called.]

Singapore faced many difficulties when time goes by (Racial Riot, Hotel New World Collapse, SQ117 Hijack, SARS) and now we are in the new era with the 3rd Generation of Army.

As we faced tough and difficulties times, We do have recreation facilitates for us to enjoy, it was known as Singapore Armed Forces Reservists Association (SAFRA). It was inaugurated on 2 July 1972 by Mr Goh Keng Swee.

It was small clubhouse with 1904 members when it started in 1972. It first temporary clubhouse at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission Home at Prince Edward Lane. After which, SAFRA moved to first permanent club house at Toa Payoh in 1975 at the cost of SGD$2 Million.

In 1982, The second SAFRA clubhouse was opened in Bukit Merah. In  31 Oct 2004, Bukit Merah closed down and was replaced by SAFRA Mount Faber on 1 November 2004.

In 1996, The third SAFRA Town club opened in Wheelock place before it moved to 6-storey club at Carpenter Street. Later this year, the forth clubhouse was opened in Tampines.

In 19 April 2001, the fifth SAFRA Country Club was opened in Yishun. The club also houses Singapore's biggest indoor air weapons shooting range with 42 lanes of World Class Standard!

In 30 May 2009, the Sixth SAFRA clubhouse was opened in Boon Lay. With all the Sixth SAFRA clubhouses throughout island wide, it will not only bring NSmen get closer together, it also a gathering place for their friends and families to use the SAFRA clubhouse facilities!

To commemorate the 45th Anniversary of National Service (NS), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will provide about SGD$100 Million Worth of SAFRA and HomeTeamNS benefits to more than 900,00 National Servicemen!

Not only that, Jack Neo latest movie, 'Ah Boy to Men' also commemorate the 45th Anniversary of National Service! It showcase the importance of the army and the three generation of army in differences era.

As a one-off recognition initiative to thank National Servicemen for their dedicated service and precious time to serve and defence the nation, SAFRA vouchers range from SGD$50 to SGD$100 and FREE 1-year SAFRA membership will be given to everyone if you do not have one.

All you need is follow the four simple steps!

With all the four simple steps, you can share the benefits with your friends and families! Are you Ready?

Here goes:

Type After that click Register Now button.

1. Key in Your NRIC and Birth Date as shown and click GO.

2. Choose the Benefit that you want by clicking the options shown on the screen. After which, click next to preview your selection.

3 Here your Preview of Selection. If you would like to change your selections, click Back button. Otherwise, click the confirm button to proceed.

(Please note that after you click confirm button, you are no longer able to amend any changes)

4. Last step: The site will bring you to Confirmation Page as shown above. It will takes about 2-3 weeks time for them to deliver it to you via mail.

Soon, you will receive your SAFRA Voucher in SGD$10 denomination. I am very excited that I can use the SAFRA Voucher and the free membership at any of the sixth SAFRA clubhouses in Singapore!

I can bring my families to SAFRA Mount Faber and treat them to eat Thai food at Porn's! After delicious Thai Cuisine, We will head down to Superbowl to play bowling game using SAFRA member card for special price! Last stop, we will visit to KBox for a Karaoke Session! Especially my mum like to sing 甜蜜蜜 (Tian Mi Mi)!

Since I received Free one year SAFRA membership card, I have no excuses but to ask my friend along to use the sport facilities at SAFRA clubhouse!

I always wanted to learn Fencing, I will ask my best buddy to accompany me to SAFRA Toa Payoh and learn fencing with me at Z Fencing. At Z Fencing, they conduct beginner lesson for Adult to learn! If not, we can visit to EnergyOne Gym to exercise and to get fit and healthy with my buddy!

There are so many difference facilities in each SAFRA clubhouses for you to explore. If you have special function, you also can book their function room in the clubhouses.

What are you waiting for? It is time for you to relax yourself with your friends and families with SAFRA!

Happy 45th Anniversary of National Service (NS)!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Memories of Singapore River Hong Bao

Every Lunar New Year, The organiser will organise the Singapore River Hong Bao carnival at the Marina Bay riverside. River Hong Bao have been organised for 27 years and the admission is free.

The member of the public can expected Live performance from the Local and China performers, World food street, Chinese showcase, The Chinese Zodiac display and Uncle Ringo amusement carnival.

During the hare days, it was like a family affairs outing to visit to Singapore River Hong Bao. As during the times, there was not much attractions e.g, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands etc to visit.

I could remembered when I was a kid, My parents and my younger brother, we would travel to Marina Bay River (Along the stretch of Marina Bus terminus) and visit to Singapore River Hong Bao. (At that time, we took a bus to City Hall and walk towards to Marina Square as Circle Line was not built yet.)

The carnival was very grand and very huge at that time, They even setup First Aid counter, Lost and Found Counter and Temporary Police Centre. Do you know that, at that time you could able to play Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship and Ghost Train ride?

The Carnival had many Chinese Myth showcase displays which was sponsored by individual company. They also displayed in the sea as well! Do you know that TCS (MediaCorp) also held it Chinese New Year countdown together with ChinaTown and TV studio before?

I could remembered that I pulled my dad hands and take photos together as my dad do not like to take photo. Till now my dad still the same habit! Ha Ha.. Soon after, Marina area was being re-delvoped and to build more attractions (eg, Esplanade theatre, Marina Bay Stadium, Singapore Flyer etc) as the nation progress. The Singapore River Bao Carnival became smaller due to the area re-delvoped.

When the Esplanade theatre was completed, Singapore River Hong Bao was shifted beside the empty space and when the Marina Bay Floating Platform (Marina Stadium) was completed the construction, the carnival was shifted over here.

Time passed and the Singapore River Bao also transformed over the year. With the beauty of Marina Bay skyline, it also attracted not only the local but to the tourists as well.

It's been awhile where we can see this outdoor amusement park. The new generation of kids would not able to experience the real fun that we had during the time we do not have a lot of IT gadgets. But most important, our Tradition will never change and it will pass down to the next generation.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!


I'm hereby to wish everyone Happy Lunar New Year! Have a Blessing New Year with your loved one!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Staycation at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore

I am very honoured to have 1 night stay at Landmark Village Hotel from OMY, Singapore Press Holding.

Landmark Village Hotel is located Bugis. It is very popular place for the local and the foreigners. Landmark Village Hotel is near to many famous attraction and MRT (Metro) too. One can visit to Singapore's Oldest Mosque, 'Masjid Sultan', Haji Lane, Arab Street, Bugis Guan Yin Temple.

If you are hungry or want to do some shopping, do not worry as you are pamper with many choices around Bugis.

When you visit to Landmark Village Hotel, you won't find the hotel look pleasant to you as the building look old and not like the modern hotel which you wanted it to be.

Last Saturday, 2nd February 2013. I checked in at 1430 hours and the staff are so professional and polite. I required to deposit SGD$50 in case I used their phone or consume their food in their mini bar.

The staff also issued me the free complimentary WIFI access and breakfast buffet. I stayed at 10th Floor. After that, I went up to 10th Floor and official checked in to my hotel room!

When I opened the door, the room is so beautiful decorated! The management refurbished the hotel rooms! I loved the interior.

Inside my hotel room, I can see the beautiful scenery and my room facing the Queen Street Bus terminal (To Malaysia). I am fortune to stay here just one week before the Chinese New Year. As I can see the Chinese New Year decoration and shop the bazaar over there.

It was so crowded as usual and Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, you can see many people buying goods and stuff. If you are hungry, why not come by to Albert Food Centre and try the local food?

You will be very tempted to try all the food there. Most of the stalls are very famous and featured in various food magazine, food channel and even newspaper.

If you feel tired, you can simply walk back to LandMark Village Hotel to rest and even shower before going out again. Or, you can even use their gym facilities for free at 7th Floor.

Their Breakfast Buffet is not really appealing to me. Or perhaps I am not feeling well on that day. Their fried eggs already prepared in advance and it was so cold. It will be good if the chief could fried on the spot so that it could keep it freshness.

Their food is cold and they did not replenish it. I only can eat dull food due to my stomach not feeling well. There's room to improve in their breakfast buffet.

Their toilet ought to improve as well especially when the guest is shower. I do not want to use the rain shower head just because their shower tap was not working. And they should expand their glass so that it will not splash outside and their drain should make slightly bigger so that the water can flow down and will not cause it flood.

During the checked out day, I called their Customer Service hotline if I could extend my check out till 1300 hours (Official check out time: 1200 hours)? Their customer Service officer allowed me to extend and she's very polite.

During the check out, It was rather crowded. I queued patiently and observed them. All their Customer Service officer (CSO) are friendly despite some of their rude guests.

Soon, it was my turn to check out. The CSO smiled at me and very polite to assist me in checking out.

I really enjoyed myself at landmark Village Hotel! Thank you for giving me such a pleasant and wonderful stay in your hotel! You have a Great Team of Customer Service officers! Keep it up the good work!!

Once again, I would like to thank for the following sponsors:

1. OMY (, Singapore Press Holding (

2. Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore by far east hospitality (

Photographs taken by: Samsung Note II

Friday, February 8, 2013

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Gardens by the Bay

As we usher the year of the Snake, from now till 28th February 2013, Gardens By the Bay line up exciting Spring Celebrations 2013 inside their Flower Dome just for you!

You can expected to see the themed 'Spring Celebrations' with over 8,000 colourful blooms in the Flower Dome Cooled Conservatory. You will be able to see 8 featured flowers which are:  Penjing, Torch Bromeliad, Cherry Blossom, Chrysanthemums, Coralberry, Camellia, Peonies and Cymbidium Orchids.

When you are inside the Flower Dome, do head down to the spectacular blooms of Penjing which is up to 200 years old! This is one the featured flowers which you must not be missed!

Since this year will be the year of the snake in Chinese zodiac. Gardens By the Bay will displayed snake decorate inside their Flower Dome. You can able to find Chinese Lantern, Chinese Hut and different varieties of Kumquat (Citrus) plants. You also can smell the flowers too!

We should not forgetting the Lion Dance during the Chinese New Year. You can able to see the Lion head display.

I am quite disappointed that I saw Foreigners plucking the flowers and also plucking the Kumquat to eat inside the Flower Dome. Please refrain from plucking the flowers and Kumquat as the plants have life too. Due to our selfish act, we are actually destroy our environment.

After visited to the Flower Dome, you can visit to the Cloud Forest where you can walk through the World's Tallest indoor waterfall to see the plant life from tropical highland to 2000 metres above sea level. If you look up, you can see the bridge that look like M sharp or heart sharp.

You can experience yourself how the life of the plant in the highland and if you visit the Cloud Forest during the night time, you can see the beautiful landscape of Singapore inside the cooled conservatory.

Next, you can visit to the OCBC Skyway (Supertree Grove), If you are not afraid of height, you can go up and see the beautiful landscape of Marina Bay district and the surrounding view of Gardens by the Bay.

If you want something special, you can dine in or chill at IndoChine where you can experience spectacular scenery view in the 50- metre tall on top of the super tree!

You also can visit to Supertree Dining where you can taste from the mixture of Eastern and Western Food. Or if you would prefer, you can eat at the TEXAS Chicken as this is the only fast food chain in Marina Bay area.

If you want to taste the local cuisine, you can visit to the Satay by the Bay. You can able to try the local food like Satay (Malay food: Chicken in the stick which they use charcoal to BBQ it), Chicken Rice, BBQ Seafood and many more. There are selection of Halal- Certified food stalls around, so do not worry about the food choices.

There are many varieties of food chains around the Gardens By the Bay for you to choose. If you could not find any food which suite you.

I recommend you to sign up for their annual membership card at SGD$68 where you can visit the two cooled conservatories and OCBC Skyway unlimited time.

When you apply the annual membership, you can use this membership to get a discount or promotion rate at selected food chain in Gardens by the Bay.

You can visit to for more updates, promotions and event.