Thursday, February 21, 2013

McDonald's added 3 New flavours to Everyday $avers Menu

Today, McDonald's Singapore launch 1 new Ala carte and 2 new desserts in the Everyday $avers Menu!

You can now try the new Honey Lemon Drumlets 2pc, Taro Pie and Blueberry Sundae.

Honey Lemon Drumlet which is selling at SGD$2. It look small but, the drumlet is very juicy and the meat are tender in the inside. Although it is Honey Lemon Drumlet but the Honey Lemon taste are not strong enough although I can taste the flavour.

Taro Pie which is selling at SGD$1. The size of the Taro Pie is the same with apple pie. The filling is hot and tasty. It is very crust is crispy. Finally, we can choose any pie as our desserts.

Although all these years, McDonald's did launched differences flavours of pie like Pineapple and Mandarin Orange but only subject to limit time only. Thus this time, McDonald's Singapore decide to add Taro pie in their Everyday $aver Menu!

Which Pie do you choose? Apple Pie or Taro Pie? I will choose Taro Pie! Hopefully the Taro Pie can sustain for a long time instead of limit time only! So I guess, everyone must order it in order to boost the sales of Taro Pie!

For the blueberry Sundae which is selling at SGD$1.50! While I queued up at the McDonald's Dessert Kiosk, in front of me was a lady who also getting the Blueberry Sundae. She saw the color Red which was look like Strawberry Sundae. The lady questioned the Cashier if she gave the correct dessert.

The cashier told the lady that this is Blueberry Sundae. The lady looked puzzled and told I thought it should be in Blue color instead of red one? The cashier interrupted her and say, we are the one who prepared it and of course what we are selling.

Anyway, it was my turn and order the Blueberry Sundae. Indeed, the color texture look like Strawberry Sundae, as you can see from the pictures displayed.

It kinda sour through but can taste the sweetness from the Blueberry Sundae. I enjoyed having Blueberry Sundae after the tension work load in the office!

So what are you waiting for, hurry down to any McDonald's Singapore and try it yourself!

I Lovin' It!

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