Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tulipmania 2014

Do you missed last year Tulipmania 2013 that was held at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (CE1/DT16 Bayfront MRT)?

Tulipmania 2014 is back again due to Popular Demand! The organiser promises that it will be bigger and better than ever before!

Tulipmania 2014 will be held at Flower Dome from 14 April 2014 to 4 May 2014. If you are Singapore citizen, Permanent Residents and those living in Singapore, including holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes, you can entitle Local Resident Rate. 

If you are Passion or OCBC card member, you can enjoy discount! (Please check with the ticket counter for card promotion). *REMEMBER TO FLASH THOSE CARD* 

If you are Local Senior Citizen, you can get 50% discount off to the Flower Dome for this Tulipmania 2014 event! *REMEMBER TO FLASH YOUR SENIOR CITIZEN EZLINK CARD*

When you step into Flower Dome, you can see many Dutch landscape that awaiting you to explore! You will simply love the atmosphere!

This is a good opportunity for you to bring your whole families down to Gardens by the Bay to enjoy Tulipmania 2014 and family bonding. (The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. Charles Kuralt)

You are been WARNED! For better experience, you are advised to visit to Flower Dome in the day time as at night, the light are very dim and makes you very difficult to see the beautiful tulip! =)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Breast Cancer Survivor

In this special Blog entry, I am very fortunate to interview a Breast Cancer Survivor who willing to share her personal story with us. Due to the interviewee request, I will not be enclosed her particular but I shall name her as Debbie.

Debbie shared with me how she discovered her illness and overcome all her fear to fight for this battle! For those who are fighting for Breast Cancer, this entry can give you encouragement and you are not alone! We are all here to give you morale support!

X: Debbie, how do you know that you diagnosed with Breast Cancer?

D: I didn’t know that I had breast cancer. It was in 2009 when I discovered that my left breast was swollen that I went to consult a doctor at the Polyclinic. I was given anti-biotic and advised to go back for the review after one week.

But I didn’t go back to see the doctor until three months later that was when I discovered that the swell didn’t go away and I thought that better to see the doctor again.

After seeing the doctor, she advised me that I should not delay but to go to the hospital for a check-up. Then, I was being referred to see a Specialist at KKH (Formerly known as Kandang Kerbau Hospital since 1858).

At KKH, I went through mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy. It was after the biopsy result that it has been confirmed that I had breast cancer. It has spread to the lymph nodes. I went through bone scan too. Thank God, the scan result was good.

As the lump on the breast discovered was too big.  So, I’ve to go for Chemotherapy (chemo) treatment first before going for the operation in 2010. After the operation, I’ve to go for radiotherapy at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

X: How long for you to take to accept the reality?

D: It was almost immediately that I have accepted this reality calmly. As a Christian, I had prayed, trusting and believing God and also having the faith in Him to carry me through.

The Lord is good and it was His grace, mercy and peace that passes all understandings that I was able to stay calm, strong and having to go through all the treatment in God’s strength.

X: How do you able to cope yourself and emotional?

D: I have God to turn to and church friends were praying. Family members and relatives were very supportive and encouraging me. I’ve sisters also very supportive and visiting me.

I was also very touched by nephews and nieces' love and concern for me. Also able to stay at one of my sisters & family’s house after the operation.

I'm very thankful even till today that my sister was there to take care of me after my operation.

X: What is the process in going through all the painful treatment?

D: I went through Chemotherapy (chemo). It was a painful process, very much physically. There was always aneed to have blood test before each chemo to be done.

The jab was painful but was bearable, very thankfully for this. The nurses there were very kind and patient with me, helping me to go through it as comfortable as possible for each chemo treatment.

I was glad to have some friends and nieces accompanying me to the hospital for some days of chemo treatment.

X: How does your families’ member give you support and fight together with you against the cancer?

D: As mentioned earlier, family members support were there for me. I feel that it is very important to have their support and to stay positive. To put away negative thoughts which is also very important.

All my families’ members were very supportive helping me to go through the treatment bravely.

X: Do you think that with friends and families morale support, it will give you encouragement and keep on going to fight against the cancer?  

D: Yes, certainly.

X: Any encourage words or advice to the woman out there who yet to go for Breast checkup? 

D: It would be good that every woman reaching the age of 50 and above to go for mammogram at least once a year.

If one diagnosed with breast cancer, one need to be strong, stay calm, hopeful and to stay positive. And also to go for early treatment.

To know more on Breast Cancer, you can click here to read the information from National Cancer Centre Singapore| SingHealth.

Click here for English publication (PDF) on Breast Cancer.

If you need more enquiries on Breast Cancer, you may wish to call the Cancer Helpline at +65 6225 5655 or you may wish to email to

You may wish to click here for Breast Cancer Foundation Facebook Page.