Sunday, November 16, 2014

[EXCLUSIVE] TBJ 'Pretty Boy', Road to Glory Contestant

Tan Bao Ji (TBJ) aka Pretty Boy, 25, Standing at 190cm, 72kg. He will be represent Legends Fight Sport to fight for 'Road to Glory' Boxing Match held at Woodlands Sport Hall on 29 November 2014, Saturday at 1300 hours.

This will be TBJ inaugural boxing match and I am very honour to have him to share his inside story and his preparation for this important match! Many people might have thought that Boxing is a dangerous sport to play with and why do they picked up such sport and are so passionate in this Boxing?

But after you read up the following interview which I done with TBJ, you might need to change your mindset and reconsider to pick up this sport as your hobby!

Below are the interview which took place at the Legends Fight Sport located at pre-war shop houses near to Clarke Quay MRT Station. I also got the opportunity to see his training as well!

X: Hello Bao Ji, thank you for accepting this interview with you and at the same time I got this opportunity to see your training with your team mate!

So, tell us more about yourself so that the reader will get to know you better!

B: Hello! I am Bao Ji aka TBJ or Pretty Boy! I am Virgo, I am tall and have a long arms~ I love to eat chicken wings! =)

X: Who Introduce Boxing to you and did anyone inspire you in taking up this sport?

B: Hmm.. No one ever introduced it to me. I'd seen a lot of boxing clips from YouTube, which makes me to be so interested and so I took up this sport by myself!

It makes me felt more victorious while boxing! Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Roy Jones Jr inspired me the most!

X: How long have you been playing this sport?

B: I have been playing this sport since 2012. But unfortunately, I'd stop in 2013 for a year due to personal affairs and this year, I picking up this sport again and will be compete in local boxing competition!

X: Do you think you can inspire people? Why?

B: I guess.. I can inspire others! I think that Boxing and life is the same as we gotta put hard work and dedication for both of them. As we need to put extra effort in working hard in boxing to win the race. That goes to life, where we put extra effort in working hard in order to succeed.

I dislike every single minute of training but, I said to myself using my favourite boxer, Muhammad Ali Quote, 'Do not quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion'! Which encourages me to carry on..

X: How do you know about Legends Fight Sport?

B: I knew Legends Fight Sport through Ridhwan Ahmad, who is a Head Coach and a represent Singapore in South East Asian Game (SEAGAME) and won a numerous of Medalist! He makes Singapore very proud!

We actually trained together in previous club two years ago (2012) and he started his own club, 'Legends Fight Sport' this year (2014). So I decided to support him by joining his club and resumed my training again.

X: What makes you to join Road to Glory Boxing Match?

B: I have been taking up this boxing for the past two years and I always thought of joining the fighting team to perform on stage to know my strength and weakness but somehow I had some setback then.

So right now, Legends Fight Sport organise a local (Singapore) Boxing competition where it can create public awareness and to promote our local boxing scene.

At the same time, it also enable our Singapore Team to prepare for next year SEA Games 2015 which will be held in our home country, Singapore too!

My team mates and my loved one give me morale support and encourage me to take part in Road to Glory Boxing Match which will be held at Woodlands Sport hall on 29 November 2014! At the same time, I wanted to showcase my skills and it gonna to be a fun experience for me on that day!

X: How is your preparation for this upcoming Boxing Match?

B: So far so good.. I've been training twice a week and every off days I have to prepare for my upcoming Boxing Match. I also did some sparring with my Legends member to prepare for my match as well.

X: Do you think that you can win this match easily due to advantage of your height?

B: I think I can! But still, I cannot overlook my opponent! I will just outbox him!!

X: I am wonder do you have your weakness point? Do you wish to share with us?

B: Well, I cannot say what is my weakness point!! Ha Ha.. He gotta find out himself on the fight day!

X: I am sure many girls out there would like to know!! Are you Single or attached?

B: Attached! :)

X: What makes you to be so special or unique?

B: Tall? Handsome? Or pretty boy? haha.

X: Many people think that Boxing is an extreme and dangerous sport to play with. 

What do you think of this statement and why?

B: It is dangerous because it's a contact sport. You’ll get hit in the face real hard or to the body. There will be some permanent damage to the body if you’re not gonna take good care of it.

There’s a saying..

You can play basketball , you can play soccer or you can play football, but why can't you play boxing?

X: Do you think that the ladies can take up this sport as well?

B: Of course ladies can take up boxing! Its fun to pick up this sport and they will enjoy this good experience and at the same time, they can defend themselves!

X: Any encouragement words to those who would want to take up this boxing?

B: Dont be afraid to step up.. Just come and have fun and keep fit, who knows you may fall in love with boxing? :)

X: Do you have any words to your supporters?

B: I’ll give a good match for them. Thank you for all your support! :)

Thank you Legends Fight Sport for your kind support to allow me to interview TBJ aka Pretty Boy and photoshoot in your premises!

To know more about Legends Fight Sport or to book an appointment with them, you can visit to their website by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more on their event or latest update, you can like their Facebook page by clicking here.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Purple Parade 2014

My cousin invited my aunt and myself to The Purple Parade 2014 which was held this afternoon at Hong Lim Park. Although many people

You might be thinking what is 'The Purple Parade 2014'? What is so special about The Purple Parade? I am sure that many of you are not aware of The Purple Parade which was first started last year in 2013.

The Purple Parade is a movement that supports the inclusion & celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs.We are making a movement towards a more inclusive society, opening our eyes to the special needs people around us.

The shape of The Purple Parade logo is a square, which represents equality. The square depicts the inclusiveness of any given society with special needs people.

The Square also symbolises strong building blocks, on which when placed together, creates limitless structures. 「Quoted from The Purple Parade Website

Members of the Public, Members of Parliament (MP), Local Celebrities and the sponsors came over here by wearing Purple just to show support to the abilities of persons with special needs.

Members of the Public get the chance to watch the performance by the special students or by the various association members. Not only that, the public can purchased handmade items which was done by the abilities of person with special needs.

They also held a mini parade with various special schools, various association and the sponsor to walk down towards to the audience.

If you are hungry or thirsty, you can purchased the delicious foods and drinks by the sponsored brands.

You can support them by getting their official purple merchandises like Tee, Polo, Monopod stick, Monopod Control, Travel pouch, Square umbrella, Giant Thumb up board and cap.

I glad that I came to The Purple Parade 2014! I enjoyed myself.

Let us make a movement towards a more inclusive society in Singapore!