Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Purple Parade 2014

My cousin invited my aunt and myself to The Purple Parade 2014 which was held this afternoon at Hong Lim Park. Although many people

You might be thinking what is 'The Purple Parade 2014'? What is so special about The Purple Parade? I am sure that many of you are not aware of The Purple Parade which was first started last year in 2013.

The Purple Parade is a movement that supports the inclusion & celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs.We are making a movement towards a more inclusive society, opening our eyes to the special needs people around us.

The shape of The Purple Parade logo is a square, which represents equality. The square depicts the inclusiveness of any given society with special needs people.

The Square also symbolises strong building blocks, on which when placed together, creates limitless structures. 「Quoted from The Purple Parade Website

Members of the Public, Members of Parliament (MP), Local Celebrities and the sponsors came over here by wearing Purple just to show support to the abilities of persons with special needs.

Members of the Public get the chance to watch the performance by the special students or by the various association members. Not only that, the public can purchased handmade items which was done by the abilities of person with special needs.

They also held a mini parade with various special schools, various association and the sponsor to walk down towards to the audience.

If you are hungry or thirsty, you can purchased the delicious foods and drinks by the sponsored brands.

You can support them by getting their official purple merchandises like Tee, Polo, Monopod stick, Monopod Control, Travel pouch, Square umbrella, Giant Thumb up board and cap.

I glad that I came to The Purple Parade 2014! I enjoyed myself.

Let us make a movement towards a more inclusive society in Singapore!

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