Monday, October 20, 2014

The Company of Cats

In the bustling city of Singapore, we can still able to find many plenty of activities to do, a place to chill out or sights to see if we do spare sometime to rediscover our own city of Singapore.

In the tourist attraction of Chinatown, there's one very unique cafe which located in the prewar colony shop houses which makes this place more lively.

This unique cafe known as 'The company of Cats'. Yes! Cats! For those cat lovers, you will be thrilled that you have one new favourite hangout to play with cats, relax your hectic life or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with 8 lovely and lively cats!

The Company of Cats located at 6B Mosque Street (2F shophouse). If you are not familiar with Chinatown district, it may take a while to locate them. If you are taking public transport, alight at Chinatown MRT Station (NE4/DT19) and head to Chinatown Point at Exit E.

After that walk outside the Chinatown Point and cross the road towards to Hotel81 Chinatown. (Please use the traffic light). After that walk towards to 美珍香 Bee Cheng Hiang (Barbecued Meat) you can easily spotted by seeing their shop billboard and turn left.

You will be seeing many eatery area selling Chinese, Japanese and Korean food and hostel around this district. If you walk towards to The POR. CE. LAIN Hotel, The Company of Cats painted in Black with wooden door are just opposite the hotel! You can also easily spotted it by seeing their shop billboard!

Once you reached 6B Mosque Street, push the door and climb up to the narrow steps. Their friendly staff from The Company of Cats will be there to assist you upon your arrival.

If this is your first time to this Cat cafe concept, let me explain how it works.

1) The cover charge will cost at SGD$14.00 for the first hour. After which, it will cost SGD$5.00 per subsequent 1/2 hour. It included complimentary WIFI and drinks of Coco cola or Mineral Water or simply top up the amount for the premium drinks.

If you visit to The Company of Cats between 1200 hours - 1600 hours on weekdays, the cover charge will cost at SGD$10.00 for the first hour, it also included complimentary WIFI and drinks of Coco cola or Mineral Water or simply top up the amount for the premium drinks.

2) Remove your shoes and wash your hand in the toilet before heading to the Cat room. Before going to the Cat room, there are few house rules which you need to be observed set by The Company of Cats.

A) No Rough Handling. Please do not carry the cats. If they get on your lap themselves, that's OK!
B) Do not wake a sleeping cat. Taking photos is OK!
C) No Flash Photography.
D) Please do not feed the cats any human food or drinks.
E) Please do not shout or run around loudly.
F) Children must be at least 7 years old and supervised by an adult at all times.Please do not bring your own pets.
G) The Company of Cats reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow these rules. Cat abusers will be reported to the police.

You can find the house rules from The Company of Cats website here.

3) Once you agreed, the staff will bring you to the cat room with your tag which you will be going to make a payment later on.

4) If any of the time, you decide to leave, show your tag to the staff and they will calculate the cost that you stay in the Cat room.

After that, the staff will award you with their loyalty card if you are first timer. Every SGD$10.00 that you spend with them, you will be entitled to one stamp. Collect 5 stamps to redeem one free coffee or tea, 10 stamps to redeem one free lava cake and 15 stamps to redeem free entrance for one hour.

The payment will be by CASH or NETS only. The Company of Cats do not have Service Charge and GST. So whatever you are paying for are NETT only.

Alright, it is time for you to relax yourself with the cats~ You can roam freely and enjoy the great company from the 8 cats.

When I visited around 1600 hours, most of the cats are fallen asleep. And the music that the owner of The Company Cats played are extremely smooth and relaxing.  Although the premises are so big but yet very cosy living!

If you visit to Cat room and you feel that the air-con is not cold and kinda humid, that right! As cold weather can be hard on cats. You can click this link here for more information!

Basically all the cats are so lovely and cute! Each of every individually cat has its own personality and characteristic. Even through I do not own a cat of my own, the pose that the cats reflected to me makes me feel so warm and happy! I am sure you will agree with me that cats are so adorable which you could not resistant but to love them!

Especially during their dinner time around 1700 hours, it seem like all the cats are all awake and waiting for the staff to feed them! Some cats are so patiently waiting for their food to be arrived and some cats act so emotional. Which makes me reminded of 'Puss in Boots' in The Shrek Movie.

You should pay a visit to The Company of Cats and experience yourself with cats! If you need to make a reservation, please call them at +6562203835. If you need more information from The Company of Cats, you can visit their official website here.

To view more of The company of Cats photos, visit to my Facebook page here.

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