Sunday, December 28, 2014

Collaboration with Jaze Production

I am extremely honour to collaborate with Jaze Production for a photoshoot which was held at Chinatown, Singapore.

I got to know Jaze Phua through my secondary school alumni Facebook Page. He was my school junior. We had a awesome time to collaborate together for this photoshoot. He's friendly and a nice guy to work with.

Jaze produced his own YouTube short film and won many awards like The RULE BREAKERS and The Cabbage. 

If you would like to find out more about Jaze, you can visit his official page by clicking here.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Loft Cafe

In Chinatown, there are many heritage colony buildings which is currently preserved by the government which makes Singapore's Chinatown very unique.

While you sightseeing in Singapore's Chinatown, you are curious and amazed that our Chinatown is slightly different from countries.

In Chinatown, you can find many races Place of Worship. You can find Chinese Temple, Malay Mosque, Indian Temple and Church within the same district which was planned by the British Colony era.

You also can get to taste difference cultural food in our local food centre and get to know the culture here and how we can live racial harmony.

While I sightseeing in Chinatown, I saw a bright Red Building located at Smith Street, which attracts to me. So, I decided to visit to the Red Building and I saw The Loft Cafe, therefore I decided to pay a visit since I am kinda hungry and thirsty.

At the same time, it makes me thought of a similar cafe, 'ROOST JUICE + BAR' which I visited in Johor Bahru, Malaysia which is located in the 1F (You can click here to read Cafe Hopping in West Malaysia).

When I stepped into the Loft Cafe, I was greeted by very retro white door and I need climb the steep staircase as this is a heritage building. Once I reached the 1F, I was greeted by the friendly staff and I decided to sit near to the window as I can see the outside world while relaxing myself.

I simply loved this cafe as it gives me a homely and cosy atmosphere. Just that it can be slightly too warm as they did not fully turn on all their air-conditional, if you sit away from the air-conditional. I guess the management would want to save the environment for not turning on all the air-conditional when there are less crowds.

I was served by special employee who is very patient and friendly to me. After that, he served me a cup of ice water. I also observed that this special employee served each of their customer with pride.

Although they could be slow sometime, but I am delighted that the cafe management hired The Abilities of Special Needs employees and give them a chance to work and gain experience.

Where the management are making a movement towards a more inclusive society in Singapore, opening our eyes to the special needs people around us and also give us a chance to talk to them and improve their confident.

After awhile, this special employee served my food and followed by my drink which I had ordered. I loved their Rosemary chicken and their mashed potato! It was simply awesome! Their Cookie and Cream milkshake so yummy~

After that my dessert was served. The Loft Cafe famous for their delicious and crispy waffler. But on that day, the waffler (Nutty Banana waffler) that I tried are not that crispy and rather it was cold for the moment that I bite.

Perhaps, they should put slightly longer so that the waffler can be more crispy and it will be warm instead of cold waffler. For the fruit, it was fresh and juicy.

For the bread (Shibuya Toast), it tasted good with the raspberry and the ice cream. I loved the sour of the raspberry~ As most Singaporean will used this word, SHOICK!

Overall, The Loft Cafe is a great cafe where you can chill out with your friends and families but at times, it can be slightly expensive if you visit to this cafe often. It will be good if they can create loyalty membership to their regular customer.

This cafe also equip with FREE WIFI where you can surf net or do your business presentation. The cafe also allowed you to book for your event/function in their 2F.

Please call them or email to The Loft Cafe Management in advanced if you are interested to book their function room or host any party.

You will be simply loved their ambience in the heritage colony shophouse! You can find The Loft Cafe at 268A South Bridge Road (off Smith Street) Singapore 058817. It along the Chinatown Food Street. Nearest MRT: NE4/DT19 Chinatown Exit A.

If you would like to make a reservation, you can email to them at or you may wish to call them at +65 6221 2103 or fax to them at +65 6221 2152.