Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Sylvester Goh, Manhunt Singapore 2015 Finalist

Manhunt Singapore 2015 Finals will be held at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway on 5 December 2015, while Pre-Judging will be on 8th November at Wavehouse Sentosa.

I am very honoured to get an exclusive interview with Sylvester Goh, Junior Finalist of Manhunt Singapore 2015 to be featured in my blog.

Hi Sylvester, tell us more about yourself.

I’m currently doing Freelance Modelling and Personal Training. 

My hobbies include Street Workout/ Advanced Calisthenics, Gymming, Cafe hopping/ Food photography, Dance (Hip Hop), Martial Arts (MMA) and Sports.

What made you join Manhunt Singapore 2015?

Manhunt is not just about the looks, the body, or personality. In order to win or do fairly well, it requires a complete package. I wanted to step out to challenge myself to join something with which I am unfamiliar. 

More importantly, I hope to inspire and motivate people to do the same, be it in terms of fitness or exploring other areas of life.

What is your preparation for this upcoming Manhunt Singapore 2015?

Well it’s pretty much the same for me in terms of gym routine, except hitting my abs and legs more cause I’m usually quite lazy to train them especially the abs. 

Also, I’ve started with a much stricter diet like grilled chicken breast, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, to see if I can improve on my physique with this now in place. 

Are your family members supportive of you joining the Manhunt Singapore 2015? Why?

Yes they are! I even have my own meals catered and pack meals for myself daily. They are accommodating to my gym times and meal preferences as well.  

I guess that’s what families do? 
Being supportive no matter what job or task I do, as long I enjoy doing it? Being in the finals is not easy, and I hope I can do them proud. 

But also, my mum is worried that I may attract the wrong crowd due to the new attention. But I tell her I know what I’m doing and I’m old enough to know what’s right.

Do you think that you have inspired people? In what way do you think that you can inspire others?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know I was inspiring people until they dropped me comments/ direct message on Facebook. 

If you’ve seen my Facebook cover photo, you will realize that I was really scrawny and skinny back then. It goes to show that with proper determination, perseverance, consistency and knowledge, you can achieve more than what you set out to be.  

Also, I want the people out there to know that in life you don’t get what you always want. Failure is a part of life too. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change. It’s okay to fail. The only way to avoid failure is to not try anything. Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s how you succeed. 

Besides, the only failure is if you stop trying. But that doesn’t mean to give up, you’ve got to fight for what you want.  In the end, it’s not always about the results, but the process. The process is what makes us grow and learn, the results are but a bonus to us.

Never look down on anybody, but instead, help anybody who needs your help or any sort of help, and sometimes, people will help you back too. 

For someone who does not have any experience in gym or working out out, what is your advice to them?

My advice would be just to begin somewhere. It can be anywhere. The most difficult part is in starting, getting the motor kickstarting, before maintaining it and followed by bringing it to greater heights. If it’s possible gow with a friend who is experienced so that he can guide you along for better results.  

Never ever be an ego lifter. Use the correct range of motion, if possible get a friend to see if you’re performing the exercise correctly. Ask people for advice, it never hurts to ask, and always share back the knowledge. 

I started out just gymming by myself all the way up till now. 
The knowledge I’ve learnt was through experience and reading up from the internet over the past 5 years.

I understand that you are into street workout, tell us what’s the difference between street workout and a regular gym workout?

Well, street workout in ghetto terms would be just to workout in the streets. In Singapore’s context, it would be in fitness corners. 
I incorporate bodyweight exercises at the fitness corners, and make use of them to help build a well sculpted body as well. 

I definitely sweat a whole lot more outdoors, and it feels great to be doing so. 
I am also in the process of learning advanced calisthenics moves like the muscle ups, front lever, back lever, planche, handstands which require a lot of basic fundamental strength through the street workout that I do.

You are into café hopping as well, can you share with us how to post such a great photos in social media so that it can benefit us and our followers?

Many people think that taking a photo of food is easy. Relatively speaking, it is. But what makes yours different from the rest is the creativeness you’ve put into the shot. It might be any sort of shot, be it flatlay, minimal etc. It has got to be your style. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, search up Instagram on the hashtag styles and learn how people do it, then add in your style to finish it. 

It takes time and effort into editing the photos as well. So, be prepared to have a new hobby!

I guess many readers would like to find out this from you! Are you Single or Attached?

Surprising to many, I am Single. I guess I don’t have that much female friends around? 

But also, I have more freedom and time to myself. 
Nevertheless, it does not mean I’m not yearning for my second half to make the first move? 

I feel that women with the courage to go and make the first move is kinda sexy.

If you have the opportunity to be a celebrity in the Entertainment industry, would you be interested?

I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity which I think seems fun and challenging. 
I have tried out acting before, and even though it’s tiring, when everything is pieced together, it looks awesome. 

The entertainment industry also seems to be rather interesting with a wide array of roles/ scenes and storylines, which is something I like as well. 

What makes you special/ unique?

I tend to do things differently, and believe I can make the best out of any situation I’m given, and that I am able to adapt under different circumstances.

Also, I learnt that you'll never be happy if you chase money all your life. I find real joy through giving and serving others.

Doing humanitarian/social acts are something I plan to do in the future.

Editor's Note

When I met Sylvester at Orchard, he was a friendly and polite guy. During our conversations, I found out that he's a rather nice guy to chat up with although he was quite shy in the beginning and I got to find some topics to break the ice.

He does not display any sort of arrogant expression towards me despite his tight schedule to follow. He is someone whom you can share your problem with if you need listening ears.

Sylvester treasures every individual opportunity that comes up to him. He is willing to take up challenges when the opportunity knock on his door.

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