Thursday, October 24, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore Present: Halloween Horror Nights 3

This October, Universal Studios Singapore present Halloween Horror Nights for the third time (HHN3)! It will be a speculator and spooky event. This will be my first time attending such a event!

After the usual Universal Studios Singapore (USS) closed at 1730 hours, the crews are busy to prepare for the Halloween Horror Nights 3 (HHN3) which will be open from 1900 hours to 0100 hours.

When you are near to USS entrance, you can hear the spooky music which they played. This might turn into a spine chilling for some of the guests. Even the crews also had a spooky makeup just to suite HHN3!

When you enter to the entrance, you will see the big sign stated Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights. Their decoration are so spooky and the lighting are dark.

Do meet up the three sisters where their story will be unfold right here in three scare zones.

HHN3 have 3 Haunted Houses and 3 Scare Zones for you to explore. The 3 Haunted houses are: Adrift, Songs of Death and House No. 13 Possessions. The 3 Scare Zones are: Attack of the Vampires, Convention of Curses and Forbidden Forest.

Are you daring enough to step into those places and explore yourself? They are everywhere to scare you. You do not even know when they will appear  in front of you!

The main attractions are the three Haunted Houses which you need to queue for almost 2 hours just to enter to the haunted house for about 6- 10 minutes. If you purchase Universal Express, you can skip the queue and enter to the haunted house.

House No. 13 Possessions Haunted House Storyline: House No. 13 are for Sale! You will be going with a group of people and see the house. Everything was dark and you are not sure what's in front of you. You can heard people yelling as the evil spirits tried to harm them. The House No. 13 are getting crumbling and you wish that you can exit right away and would never want to buy the House No. 13!

Songs of Death Haunted House Storyline: You are heading to the once flourishing Chinese Opera Academy. At the front stage, you will be seeing paper dolls just beside the stage and there are few rows of benches near to the stage. A ghost played Opera gongs and asked you to go either left or right direction.

When you enter  to the room, you will felt spine chilling on your body as you will be seeing Ancestral tablet with buddhist chanting sound.

Furthermore, there are many reflective mirrors which might scare you as it will just appear in front of you! On top of that, you will be seeing paper money everywhere when you stepped in some of the narrow stairways. How you wish that you will not visit to this Chinese Opera Academy again!

Adrift Haunted House Storyline: When you thought that the battered ship once lost/disappeared in the ocean since 1910 sudden appear offshore. All their crew members has vanished and yet you cannot explain those lingers in the battered ship that was found.

This is the only Haunted house which I never get to visit as the queue are extremely long and I need to wait for at least 2 hours.

If you are not ready to step into haunted houses, you can rest at the Chill zone first before heading to any of the three Haunted Houses.

Forbidden Forest Scare Zone. Forbidden Forest are based on the Asian Black magic. This is the place where you cannot get to see the sunlight. While walking around Forbidden Forest, they will sudden appear in front of you as the mist covered the pathway.

Convention of Curses Scare Zone. Convention of Curses where you can witness the magical of the witches, wizards, and practitioners of the dark arts gather at the world's 366th Annual Convention of Curses. Someone will ask you if you are interested to buy spider. You can queue up for the Revenge of the Mummy Roller Coaster ride.

Attack of the Vampires Scare Zone. It was told that Whittemore was once a charming and beautiful town but the The Daughter of the Undead has turned all the residents in Whittemore town into blood-thirsty Vampires.

This Scare Zone is the darkest, crappy and biggest zone ever! The Vampires are everywhere roaming around to scare you and wanna to bite you as the vampires are thirsty for blood.

You are not sure when they will appear in front of you and you pray that everything will be alright. Who will be able to survive in this Halloween?

You can visit their Halloween Horror Nights website here to get your ticket or to find out more information.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Day Trip to Universal Studios Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is a integrated resort which is owned by Genting Group. If you think that RWS is a Boring place or a venue for you to gamble, this post might change your mindset!

Not only to Casino, they offered the best entrainment attractions like Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and the recently opens The Marine Life Park- The world’s largest S.E.A. Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Water Park.

If you are hungry, you can find celebrity chef restaurants, The Best Malaysian Food Street near to USS, Aston Western Food, Singapore Seafood Republic Restaurant, COCA Restaurant, Din Tai Fung, Hardrock Cafe and many more. They are more on family ordinated integrated resort which suite everyone.

This is a place where you cannot use money to buy happiness. But you can spend time to build happiness with your love one.

I am very excited and fortunate to revisit to Universal Studios Singapore sponsored by Mister Ong!

At Universal Studios Singapore (USS), which is located at Resorts World Sentosa, there are 7 theme park which you can visited. The 7 theme are Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

We head to New York and tried the new The Sesame Street ride known as Sesame street Spaghetti Space Chase. In this ride, you are going to space mission with Elmo and Super Grover!

You are going to assist Elmo and Super Grover to stop Macaroni the Merciless in his plot to steal all the Spaghetti from Earth! This is the World's first ever Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride created in USS!

Spaghetti Space Chase is suitable for all ages at least 92cm in height to ride. This is a non-thrill ride. Although it was long queue, but we got hold of the Universal Express pass, where we can skip the queue and enjoyed our ride!

After the ride, you can head down to The Sesame Street kiosk (near to Loui's NY Pizza Parlor), The Brown Derby or Big Bird's Emporium to buy Sesame Street Merchandise. From here you can get your own favourite Sesame Street character and bring them home!

Or you can visit to Me Want Cookie! kiosk to get a awesome Cookie from Cookie Monster!

After that, we head down to Sci-Fi City by Panasonic and went to Transformers The Ride, The Ultimate 3D Battle.

As usual, this is the most popular ride ever built in USS! Many Transformers fans flock over to Sci-Fi City, just to ride the World First Transformers ride that was especially created for USS. Although the ride are crowded but with the Universal Express, we can skip the queue!!

I can considered this as a 3D simulator ride. Transformers The Ride, The Ultimate 3D Battle are suitable for all ages with the height of 102cm and above. Those prone to motion sickness, dizziness should not ride this Transformers ride!

While walking towards Ancient Egypt, we saw many displays of the Halloween decoration at the park itself. This section will be opens during the Halloween Horror Nights 3 which will be held from 1900 hours to 0100 hours on certain date.

We reached Ancient Egypt theme. At first I was persistent not to try 'Revenge of the Mummy'. As this was a Roller Coaster Ride! But after many talks, I was being persuaded and tried the ride for the first time!

My heart was pumping extremely fast. It was a horrified moment for me to ride Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster. For no reason, my tear just streamed down my cheeks. You know what? I had tried Revenge of the Mummy three times within a day!!

Revenge of the Mummy is a most popular thrill ride! This is a indoor roller coaster ride. Suitable for all ages with the height of 122cm and above! Please be prepared to queue more than an hour. You can skip the queue if you are holding Universal Express!

After that, we went over to The Lost World. We wanted to ride Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, but unfortunate it was raining at that time and they stopped the ride for some safety reason. We are kinda disappointed.

Then, we went to ride Canopy Flyer. For this ride,  there are 2 direction in one car. If you not get used to sit opposite direction, you can inform the friendly crew and request to sit in the front direction. From the Canopy Flyer, you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park.

Please noted that Canopy Flyer is a Aerial and a Roller Coaster ride. Adult must accompany Children between 92cm and 122cm of height. You can skip the queue by using Universal Express!

After the ride, we went to WaterWorld by SingTel. You can catch the 'LIVE' outdoor performance. WaterWorld are based on blockbuster film in the year of 1995.

Before the start of the LIVE performance, the actor had pre-entertainment to the audience. Those sitting in Blue and Green Zone are soaked with water. It's full of excitement while waiting for the performance to start.

You can thrilled and able to witness the danger stunt, with real explosions of fire from this spectacular UnderWorld LIVE water show.

The, we walked over to Far Far Away and took the Enchanted Airways. Enchanted Airways is a junior roller coaster where you can get to see the Shrek characters and at the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at USS. Adult must accompany Children between 92cm and 122cm of height.

The skies turn dark and the Far Far Away castle looked like an Evil cast a spell on it! Who will be able to save the princess?

Next stop, we head to Madagascar and took the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure by MayBank. This is a indoor River boat ride and be prepared to get wet, if you are sitting in the first right side row. As the Madagascar character will spit water on you!

The final stop will be at Hollywood. We went over to Monster Rock at Pantages Hollywood Theatre. Monster Rock is a indoor Live show with pyrotechnics performance. Please be prepared to queue early before the show start. You can join the Priority queue, if you are holding to Universal Express.

While waiting for the Theatre to be open, you can catch the LIVE performance from The Daddy O's and Mel's Dinettes. There are so much fun spending my day at USS!

You also can catch the LIVE performance from various location and timing at the USS. As for me, I managed to catch the performance from the Sesame Street at New York.

Not to be missed, you can snap a picture with your favourite character at Universal Studios Singapore at the certain time. Do read up the time schedule at the park on that day.

I also captured some happy moment from the guests who visited here from USS. Those happiness are real and priceless. From Families to Friendship, you can see how joyful they are.

You cannot use money to buy Happiness but you can use time to build up the relationship with your loved one. Treasure the moment!

Universal Studios Singapore Admission ticket are selling at Adult (Ages 13 to 59) SGD$74*, Child (Ages 4 to 12) SGD$54* and Senior (Ages 60 and above) SGD$36*. You can add on to Universal Express or Universal Express Limited starting from SGD$30* onwards.

If you love Universal Studios Singapore so much that you can purchase the Annual Pass at Adult (Ages 13 to 59) SGD$188* and/or Child (Ages 4 to 12); Senior (Ages 60 and above) SGD$158*.

Simply top up SGD$100* for Universal Express, where you can skip the regular queues and enjoy your favourite rides and attractions all year round!

Please note that the Universal Studios Singapore admission ticket and Annual Pass does not include the Sentosa Island fee.

Sentosa Island Admission Fee as follows:

Sentosa Express (Located at VivoCity Lobby L, Level 3)- SGD$4 (Monorail)
Sentosa Boardwalk- SGD$1.00 (By Foot)
Singapore Cable Car-  Adult- SGD$26* Child- SGD$15*

Or you can join the Annual Sentosa Islander membership for unlimited island admission at Individual Membership- SGD$25 or Islander Family Membership (Valid for up to five (5) immediate family members only)- SGD$50.

Please remember to bring along Passport photo when you applying the Sentosa Islander membership!

You can visit to my FB Page here to view more of the speculator highlight photographs which captured by me.

Thank you Mister Ong once again for sponsored me to Universal Studios Singapore! I really enjoyed it so much!

*Price are updated as of October 2013.