Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Dispensary Bakery @ Tiong Bahru

When you heard of Tiong Bahru, what will be your first thought and the impression of Tiong Bahru? Your first impression might tell you that Tiong Bahru are quiet and old neighbourhood estate. Or you might think that Tiong Bahru is only famous for their Tiong Bahru Market. You are half right.

Do you know that Tiong Bahru are the oldest housing estate that was built by the then United Kingdom colonial. You can find many architecture with the mix of streamline moderne shop houses and buildings around Tiong Bahru. It left behind the charm and rich heritage of Tiong Bahru.

Many investors came over to Tiong Bahru to setup their business due to the charm, chic housing architecture of Tiong Bahru. Furthermore Tiong Bahru are now known as Heritage and conservation area.

Many old shop houses and housing estate are converted into modernise theme cafes or boutique hotels which added to it charm in Tiong Bahru.

At Blk 69 Tiong Bahru Road, it was once a glory Chinese Medical Hall which served the residents before it was abandoned for few years (I used to work around Tiong Bahru around year 2006) before The Dispensary Bakery took over and changed the fate of the Chinese Medical Hall.

The Dispensary Bakery is located at the heritage area of Tiong Bahru. It located opposite LINK Hotel and beside Nostalgia Hotel.

Why they named Dispensary Bakery? As it was once a Chinese Medical Hall, they tried to preserve the old appearance of the old Chinese Medical Hall with the western/modernise concept to their Bakery store.

When you first step into Dispensary Bakery, you might be mistaken that you are entering medical hall. They displayed many nostalgic items which brings back the childhood memories.

Dispensary Bakery displayed their products and displays very neatly and tidy, You also can see that they tried their best to restore every bit of the premise to it original status as much as possible.

You can find many retro decoration displays like the poster, wall clock and many more. They also provided outdoor seat for those who prefer to breath fresh air or those who do not like air conditional.

You should try their signature cake and please visit early to avoid disappointment as their cakes are selling fast!

For those who love retro kind of concept, you definitely love this place! You may wish to click here to view more photos of The Dispensary Bakery!

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