Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mister International Malaysia 2013

On the 10th October 2013, I am fortunate to get Photographer Pass from Adelicious Entertainment and able to witness the Mister International Malaysia (MIM) 2013 Pageant, which was held at Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This was my first overseas exposed event coverage for Mister International Malaysia 2013! I had flew from Changi International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport just to attend such a great event in Malaysia history.

At the same time, I also came here to support my brother! I hope he could bagged with title winner for MIM 2013!

14 contestants from 14 states of Malaysia and only one state will represent Malaysia to compete in this year Mister International 2013 which will be held in Indonesia. The 14 Contestants are:

1) Lew Voon Khong (Sarawak)
2) Vchin Phua (Kelantan)
3) Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur)
4) Enson Tan (Perlis)
5) Vick Foo (Negeri Sembilan)
6) Kenneth Ng (Perak)
7) Nick Ng (Malacca)
8) Terry Wong (Johore)
9) James Ng (Selangor)
10) Samuel Sam (Terengganu)
11) Anson Low (Pahang)
12) Anis Sabri (Kedah)
13) Preston Leen (Penang)
14) Lucas Ngu (Sabah)

Who will be the winner for tonight's pageant?

Many guests start to flock in Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur just to support their friend or family whom take part in MIM Pageant.

While waiting for MIM to commerce at 2000 hours, many people started to predict which contestant will crown this year.

At about 2010 hours, the beautiful lady host commerced the start of the Mister International Malaysia 2013. Firstly, the host mentioned all the sponsors who make MIM a great success! Without the sponsorship, MIM 2013 will not ran it smoothly.

After that, the host introduced the MIM judges for tonights' pageant and one of them was Hero Tai, a famous TV host who is now based in Taiwan.

Now, it showtime! The beautiful lady host welcoming the MIM contestants! Each of the contestant had about 1 minute to self introduction to the judges and the audiences, after that some of the contestants performed their talents on stage.

When the host mentioned that the swim wear will be coming up next, the whole audiences are excited and camera are all up to snap the contestants in their swim wear!

After the swim wear ended, it continued the talent time performance from the contestants.

After that, there are small play where the 14 contestants will be acting as agent to recuse Miss Asia Pacific World Malaysia from being captured. Soon, the host announced the top 5 contestants who will be fighting for 3 positions and represent Malaysia.

Those 5 contestants are asked to pick one out of the 5 colors of envelope which contain a question for them to answer. It also tested their reaction and how creative they will answered the question which they had chosen the envelope.

It coming to the end soon, the host announced the 7 sub title winner of MIM 2013 that are chosen by the judges. The audiences all cheered and shouted the states name, KL, Penang, Selangor and etc. The 7 sub title winners are:

1) MIM Cheetah Best Body- Mister Selangor James Ng
2) MIM Mister Clique Charming- Mister Selangor James Ng
3) MIM Mister GQ- Mister KL Daniel Chan
4) MIM Mister Talent- Mister Kelantan Vchin Pua
5) MIM Most Promising Star- Mister Penang Preston Leen
6) MIM Photogenic- Mister Johor Terry Wong
7) MIM Popular- Mister Kelantan Vchin Pua

The host followed by announced the 2nd Runner up- Mister Sabah Lucas Ngu and 1st Runner up- Mister Perak Kenneth Ng. Now, which state of contestant are going to represent Malaysia to compete in Mister International which will be held in Indonesia. Who will be the winner in this year MIM 2013?

The host told them that the screen which reflected the state flag will be the grand winner for MIM 2013! Everyone are so quiet and focus on the screen! Everyone are so nervous right now...

Who will be the winner and Malaysian chosen who to represent them to compete in Mister International?

The State of Selangor appear in the screen and all eyes on JAMES NG! He's the winner of Mister International Malaysia 2013! Congratulation to JAMES NG! You are going to represent Malaysia to compete with other contestants in Indonesia! Well done!

I am also very privileged to have exclusive interview with Grand Winner, James Ng and Most Promising Star, Preston Leen !

You can read James Ng Interview here.
You can read Preston Leen Interview here.

Thank you Adelicious Entertainment for your kind support in sponsoring me to attend this event!

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