Monday, October 7, 2013

Drips Bakery Cafe @ Tiong Bahru

If you are tarts lover, or you are looking for some places to have high tea with your friends or families, there is one place which you should not be missed! I highly recommend you to visit to Drips Bakery Cafe which is located inside the old charm of Tiong Bahru District.

Although the premises quite limited of seating capacity but Drips Bakery Cafe offers the best and freshly baked tarts in their kitchen! They have many variety of tarts for you to choose from and also suite your mood to enjoy the delicious and tasty tarts.

If you intend to visit to Drip Bakery Cafe on weekends, please be prepare that the cafe will be full house and it will take you awhile before you could find your seat. And sometime their tarts are so popular that it will run out of tarts! But, they will replenish the tarts after freshly baked.

Irene, Linda and I Ordered Dark Chocolate Banana Tart, Cherry Brandy Tart and Cinnamon Apple Tart. 

Three of us agreed and all of us feel that Cherry Brandy Tart tasted better compared to Dark Chocolate Banana Tart and Cinnamon Apple Tart.  

1) For Dark Chocolate Banana Tart, they added a lot of dark chocolate powder and it will be kinda messy as it spilt on the dining table. You can tasted more on Dark Chocolate Powder and it makes the banana not so sweet.

2) For Cinnamon Apple Tart, The tart rather soft and looked like Trifle cake to us. It will be great if the Cinnamon taste could be stronger and the apple slices are fresh!

3) For Cherry Brandy Tart, The tart are crispy with the taste of the cherry brandy. It make you feel so excited and you wanted to ask for more! 

We also ordered Ice Apple Infused Tea, Ice Honey lemon and Ice Peppermint Tea. Those tarts makes the drink feel so refreshing!

Irene and Linda. Satisfied customer at Drips Bakery Cafe.

Drips Bakery Cafe located at 82 Tiong Poh Road (Opposite Monkey God Temple). You can visit their website here.

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