Thursday, October 17, 2013

[EXCLUSIVE] Preston Leen Interview, Most Promising Star for Mister International Malaysia

Preston Leen earned himself Most Promising Star for Mister International Malaysia (MIM) Pageant Competition which was held at Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur on Friday night, 10th October 2013.

Preston Currently 25 years old, standing at 180cm and weight 68Kg. Currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia. He was from the State of Penang.

I am very privileged to have exclusive interview with Preston Leen. Where he took some time just to answer my inquiries.

Tell us more about yourself!

I’m an Art Director, I’m dealing with art related work, inclusive of art direction, creative design, photography and fashion styling. All of these made my life a passion.

What makes you of joining MIM 2013?

This is my new experience of joining competition (pageant) like this. I’ve been modelling for 8 years and I think it’s time for me to present myself on stage for all grounded show. It needs physical plus mental ability to showcase myself.

What was your feeling at that time when you need to compete with 13 of the contestants?

It was an awesome experience, especially meeting with different personality, hobbies, and their passions. We learned how to communicate with new mate, but not competing with each other. It’s a process of improvement in the social world.

What was your thought when you won Mister Promising Star 2013 title?

I was feeling calm (luckily was not shocked) because in my mind I’ve been thinking to get standby no matter what was the outcome of the result. It was a surprised for me but I need to control my mind so I will look good all the times.

Who helped and encouraged you throughout the whole process?

Throughout the process, firstly I need to send my gratitude of appreciation to my life buddies Lim Wei Sin, Tayri Tay, Joe Ong and Chow. Without them, I wouldn’t have stand on the stage. They encouraged me throughout the whole programme, consult and motivate me.

Secondly, I will need to thank my partner Merveen for giving me confidence and helped me on my talent performance practises. She spent a lot of precious time in my competition, what else can I request?

Last but not least, the special guy whom I have just met, Xavier Kent. He travelled all the way from Singapore just to support me as his brotherhood. I’m touched with his action and it makes me feels awesome on myself!

Special thanks to Audreypuiyan, a beautiful blogger & dancer who has agreed to be my talent partner. She has done a well job, and eases my nerves!

If you have the chance to be celebrity in the entertainment industry, are you keen and why?

In the past, I did let go multiple times of golden opportunity to be an artist due to my work & career. I will not let it go this time round, if I get to hold the chance again.

It’s time for me to travel further in this industry and experience the life beyond my expectation. The value and thoughts are the most precious elements for me now.

Who inspired you the most?

The people inspired me the most is Eminem. I’ve been listening to his songs since secondary school and the way he expressed his life and mood in the lyrics is unique.

It is unbeatable and it motivates me all the times when I decided to move or leave. It is real, hip, and tremendous impact in my life.

What is your encouragement words for those who wish to join MIM 2014?

If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your sh**, then you deserve it. Never be bullied into silence.

Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.

<Conclusion Note>

Preston is a very talented and gifted guy. He is good in creative design, photography and he also know what is the latest fashion trends. What more, he sing very well! If you need a piece of fashion advice, you could simply look for him and he will guide you through!

At the age of 25, he is a ART director and own a company known as PEOPLEGRAPHY! Are you impressed by him?

For the first impression, you might thought that Preston is a fierce person. But when time goes by, you can feel that he is very sincerity, kind hearted and friendly person. He is someone whom you can trust.

You can like his facebook page, Peoplegraphy here!

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