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[EXCLUSIVE] James Ng Interview, Grand Winner for Mister International Malaysia

James Ng Yin Teng won the Grand Winning of the Mister International Malaysia (MIM) Pageant Competition which was held at Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur on Friday night, 10th October 2013.

James Ng, 20, standing at 187cm, 89Kg, currently a student, lives in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia. He had took part many competitions in his homeland and won several awards.

I am very privileged to have exclusive interview with James Ng, the newly crown in MIM 2013 and also represent his home country to compete in Mister International Grand Final which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What makes you of joining MIM 2013?

I joined MIM for all the right reasons. I want to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. And I believe that MIM 2013 is one of the most prestigious male pageant.

The main reason of me joining MIM 2013, because I personally seek to improve the lives of others.

What was your feeling at that time when you need to compete with 13 of the contestants?

I felt very proud of myself to represent my hometown, Selangor (One of the 14 States in Malaysia) and it was an honour to be able to compete with these guys. These guys are all tall, good looking and have great personality of their own.

However, I believe that focusing on main purpose of joining MIM is all I have to do rather than comparing physique, popularity, and strength with the other 13 finalist.

When the host called out your name that you are within top 5th, are you surprised? Why?

When the host called my name. To be honest with you, I wasn't that surprised, but I was really very happy knowing that I have at least made it to the top 5 & I was a step closer to being the next Mister International Malaysia 2013.

Who was your strongest opponent?

The finalist that I felt who was very competitive are Mister Penang- Preston, Mister Sabah- Lucas, and Mister Perak- Kenneth.

What makes you to be so charming that you won a title as Mister Clique Charming?

HAHA! To be charming, you got to SMILE! I have been smiling my way throughout the competition and on stage! I believe that when you smile, everything becomes charming.

You also won a title of Cheetah Best Body, do you always have such a great body since young?

No, I don't have a great body when I was young. I was a fat kid when I was young. Life is fair, you got to earn it to achive it.

When the host announced that you are the winner for MIM and all eyes on you, what was your thought at that time?

My mind right away was channeled on thinking about the preparation for Mister International 2013 grand final round in Jakarta, Indonesia.

At the time of point, do you feel that you are going to win the title of MIM and represent Malaysia to compete with the Mister International contestants which will be held at Jakarta, Indonesia? If no, why?

Was in my mind all the time, even before the competition begins, I already plan ahead!

At Hennesy Artistry Event.
The Malaysian choose you to represent the country to compete with other contestants in Indonesia, what is your preparation to win and any words to your supporters?

Diet, Exercise and Public Speaking. I commit myself to train twice a day, 7 days a week and eat clean food. I will practice in front of the mirror to improve my communication skills.

To all my beloved supporters, please do continue to support me, encouraging me, perhaps giving me tips and advise on improving the 3 main elements! I would really appreciate that!

If people criticise on you, how are you going to prove it to them and what will be your reaction?

There will always be hatters, no matter what I do. I do not have to prove them anything, because I am certain that I competing not to show off to anyone but to humble myself, to serve with a kind and genuine heart.

When you are young, are you rebellious or introverted personality? Can tell us more on your childhood?

When I was younger, I was rather shy and quiet. I have stage fright, I have problems communicating with the opposite gender, I kept things to myself and never express how I really feel.

I am not rebellious at all. I was a fat kid, due to excessive eating of Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC and Local delights, such as the 'Nyonya Kuih' (South East Asia Local delight), 'Yao Char Kuai' (油條), and all sorts of fried food you can find in the 'Pasar Malam' (Night Bazaar).

I used to consume 'Nasi Lemak' (Malay Coconut Rice) with fried chicken in the morning together with my favourite Drink, 'Ice MILO'! I just love to eat, even now! There is so much about my childhood memory!

How the contest helped you?

The contest help me to set goals. Goal setting is the key to obtain a great physique. It also keeps me motivated and stay focus. This competition allows me to meet a lot of people and once you are in it, you are forced to stand in front of the massive crowds and to speak well and showcase yourself! :)

Who is your important person in your life and go through all the process with you?

My family, mainly my Mummy! To begin with, she is the one who emphasize healthy eating, don't be choosy on eating, eat everything, don't waste food, think about the unfortunate people around the world, eat organic food, eat more vegetables and fruits and exercise more.

I use to call her a nagger, but today I am extremely grateful to her! There is so much more to say about my Mummy, I could write a book about her!

Haha! In this competition, she spend time looking for the best quality food, such as organic fruits and vegetables, kampong eggs & chicken, and fresh fish. She also does facial for me cause I have a bad skin.

Do you have sad moments in your life and how you overcome it?

Yes I do have sad moments. people get upset and frustrated. my method is simple. think about the great and wonderful stuff that have happened to you. And if you are mad, pist, or upset with a friend or family, don't fight!

Just give yourself some space with that person and think about the good stuff he/she have done for you. After that find out why that person make you upset. Because everyone has their own personal issue and problems to solve.

If the is no valid reasons at all, SMASH it in the weight room! Cause I believe fighting can solve nothing!

I am sure many people wanted to know this, Are you single or attached?

Its' complicated :)

Who inspired you and why?

I draw my inspiration everywhere and from many people. Mainly the people around me. People who are hardworking, kind, generous, caring, have a great physique yet humble and willing to share. I mainly get inspired by people who has so little but wants to achieve so much!

For example a world class international fitness model Lazar Angelov. He came from an unfortunate background where even food was insufficient, however he decided to focus on bodybuilding which is a very expensive sports. and now he made it!

Nobody is perfect!

I will look in to the personal character and evaluate what this person has and willing to offer.

Do you think you can inspire others? Why?

Yes, I can inspire others and that is the whole purpose I participate in this competition. I am willing to share my knowledge and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that in order to inspire other, myself have to achieve something and tell other that they can do it to by many ways! each and everyone have their own unique ability.

If you have the opportunity to join the entertainment industry, are you willing to take up the offer and why?

Yes, I would take the opportunity, but it will be base on my limitations, I want to pursue my dreams which is to inspire people to exercise, eat right, mainly live a healthy and positive life and be humble!

Any encouragement words to people who wish to join MIM 2014?

Join for the right reason!

Not for fame, money, or a status to boast and hookup chicks. But to motivate and inspire younger generations to live a healthy lifestyle. Beauty opens door to opportunity, but beauty with a purpose opens mind and heart. :)

<Conclusion Note>

Basically, I can sense that James is a confident and yet humble guy who willing to share his knowledge and help other to live a healthy lifestyle. James is a filial guy who loves his family and especially to his mother.

Although James is a very tall guy but he is down to earth personality and he treasure every moment that surround him. I guess many people will be attracted by him for his charming killer look!

James Ng will be represent Malaysia for the Grand Final of Mister International which will be held on 21st November 2013,  Jakarta, Indonesia. Please show your support and encourage him!

If you would like to show your support, you can leave the comment below and I will send all your wishes to James.

If you would like to read the event coverage which was held at Butter Factory on 10th October 2013, you may wish to click here.


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    1. Hi, Thank you for your compliment! Hope you enjoyed it =)