Sunday, September 22, 2013

F1 Singapore

The only F1 night race held in Singapore are back again! The F1 fever are back once more! Many people are discussing about it and the Racing Car vroom throughout the 2 nights at Marina Bay District! I am so fortunate to get invited to attend this major event on Saturday 21st September 2013!

F1 Singapore looked like a big carnival which suite each of everyone who attend it. There are photo shoot area, Drink area, entertainment area and outdoor concert after the race ends. Only F1 can showcase to the world that how beautiful Singapore looked like during the night!

You will be thrilled to catch LIVE in action as the racing drives pass you with the loud vroom sound and predict who will be the champaign in Singapore street race.

The organiser also displayed the retro motor vehicle for the visitor to pose and snap a picture together with the model. The retro motor vehicle really so gorgeous!

If this not enough for you, you can try the driving simulator and drive your very own version of Singapore night street!

After the race ended, you can attend the LIVE outdoor concert which makes you feel so high for the whole night! On that day it happened to be full moon too! It turn the Singapore City to be even more attractive!

You should come and experience yourself next year in Singapore Grand Prix 2014! You will be thrilled and surprise in the only night race that held right here in Singapore!

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