Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Memories of KTM Railway in Singapore: Clementi (Jurong Line)

Since 1st July 2011, KTM Railway creased it operational at Tanjong Pagar Station and it will stop at Woodlands Train Checkpoint instead and will be the final stop in Singapore. It mean that the Railway train wont pass through the western part of Singapore to Tanjong Pagar Station which used to be.

Many of you might fond memories of the KTM railway train travelling from Woodlands to Bukit Timah to Tanjong Pagar Station. Some might stop at the Bukit Panjang (Near Ten Mile Junction) for the train to pass before the Rail Crossing barrier are lifted up.

Since the railway creased it operational, the railway tracks along western side of Singapore to Tanjong Pagar Station are dismantled. It won't be the same as it used to be. Those who stayed near to railway tracks wont get to see the train passed by.

In this topic, I am going to share with you on three differences location which I had visited in three posts. Those three locations are Clementi (Jurong Line), Bukit Timah Station and Tanjong Pagar Station.

Many of you might not know that there used to have Jurong line for freight only towards to Jurong Industrial area, which passed through Clementi near to Sunset way was abandoned in the early 90's.

When time goes by, the metal steel began to wear off and rusty. Even the wooden planks are rotted due to the weather condition in Singapore. Or it was covered with overgrown weeds that are not easily visible. 

As Jurong Line was abandoned in the early 90's, some of the railway tracks are dismantled and to be reused again.

Although some of the railway tracks are dismantled, I could able to follow the tracks marking and see where the tracks will lead me to. 

But unfortunately, the sky are getting dark I decided to call it a day and head down to Clementi Arcade for a drink which is located at Sunset Way.

The sunset here are so beautiful! I loved the scenery over here. That why this place known as Sunset Way!

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