Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mini Kuso Trick Art

Kuso Trick Art Museum @ Unique Home Deco
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607 358 7973
FB: /Kuso3D

In a quiet town of Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, my colleagues and I paid a visit to Mini Kuso Trick Art Museum which is very popular to the local living around here.

Their Mini Kuso Trick Art Museum is similar to our Singapore version of Alive Museum (Suntec City) and Trick Eyes Museum (Resorts World Sentosa) but with a smaller scale. This is the first Trick Art Museum in Johor State!

When we reached the destination, we thought that we had went to wrong place as we based on Goggle Map to bring us to Kuso Trick Art Museum. Luckily, my colleague had a sharp eyes to spot the small billboard which was hung below the pillar.

We are so amazed that the 3D Trick Art Museum can located in such a deserted place out of nowhere. We also thought that this place only sell Home Deco products and not 3D Trick Art Museum.

In the end, the friendly staff open the glass doors and welcome us and told us that the Kuso Trick Art Museum located in 1F (Singapore's 2F). When we climbed up the staircase, the rude girl keep on pressured us to buy tickets in Mandarin, while the adult are trying to introduce their Kuso Trick Art Museum to us and told us if we like it, we can buy the ticket and have fun with their art piece.

We are still considered if we should visit it, but since we had travelled so far, we decided to pay the entrance fee. When I am about to pay the entrance fee, I was served by rude girl again and told me to wait as she was busy. So, we waited for awhile to let her finished her stuff before she could 'served' and issued us 5 tickets. She was like testing our patient and endurance! Perhaps, she is still young.

After getting our admission tickets, we enter to their first 3D wall painting which are very popular to visitor, Angel Wing.

Next zone, we visited to Reverse Room where everything is upside down. We stayed this zone for quite sometime as we tried many ways to have this photo shoot to be taken! 

We visited to the horror zone and since Halloween is coming, we decided to take some horror photographs which indeed look like real!

The effect which turned out kinda scary and looked like we are being murdered by unknown killer out there!

Do you wonder how the picture come alive from the photo frame? Kuso show you how to make your photo frame look alive and interesting! This is the only zone which I liked most. Especially with their starry backdrop which makes it to be so 3D.

To make it even more 3D effect, the visitors could take their placard which can be found around the zone area. Some of the funny placard wordings can be found like Emo, You Jump, I Jump, Alamak and many more for you to play with.

Trust me, you gotta like this zone! As it makes you feel so lively and energetic especially you are going with a group of families or friends!

Inside the Mini Kuso Trick Area museum, you can find many interesting Tricks arts masterpiece for you to pose and play with! And some of the photographs effect turn out quite well!!

As this is a Mini Kuso Trick Art Museum, it could be crowded most of the time especially on weekends (Friday and Saturday <Applies to Johor State only>), school holiday and public holiday.

Somehow, I am not sure if their staff are too friendly that we could felt so pressured in posing the 3D art pieces as they kept telling us what to do. It seem like we do not have the freedom in deciding the way that we are comfortable in posing. Especially the girl which kept scolding us that we posed wrongly. It could scare the visitors away!

But overall it was a great experience to play with my colleagues! They should expand their premises to cater more visitors and they could even install more 3D art pieces. It will be great if they could make Mini Kuso Trick Art logo more visible to the public so that they could find their way here.

The Admission to the Mini Kuso Trick Art and the operational hours as follows:

Normal Entry- RM20 (Apox SGD$7.80)
Senior Citizen- RM15 (60 Years old and above) (Apox SGD$5.80)
Children FREE if they are below 110cm. If your kid are above 110cm, they have to pay Normal Entry Ticket.

Operational Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 1100 hours to 2000 hours
Friday to Saturday 1100 hours to 2100 hours

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