Saturday, February 9, 2013

Staycation at Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore

I am very honoured to have 1 night stay at Landmark Village Hotel from OMY, Singapore Press Holding.

Landmark Village Hotel is located Bugis. It is very popular place for the local and the foreigners. Landmark Village Hotel is near to many famous attraction and MRT (Metro) too. One can visit to Singapore's Oldest Mosque, 'Masjid Sultan', Haji Lane, Arab Street, Bugis Guan Yin Temple.

If you are hungry or want to do some shopping, do not worry as you are pamper with many choices around Bugis.

When you visit to Landmark Village Hotel, you won't find the hotel look pleasant to you as the building look old and not like the modern hotel which you wanted it to be.

Last Saturday, 2nd February 2013. I checked in at 1430 hours and the staff are so professional and polite. I required to deposit SGD$50 in case I used their phone or consume their food in their mini bar.

The staff also issued me the free complimentary WIFI access and breakfast buffet. I stayed at 10th Floor. After that, I went up to 10th Floor and official checked in to my hotel room!

When I opened the door, the room is so beautiful decorated! The management refurbished the hotel rooms! I loved the interior.

Inside my hotel room, I can see the beautiful scenery and my room facing the Queen Street Bus terminal (To Malaysia). I am fortune to stay here just one week before the Chinese New Year. As I can see the Chinese New Year decoration and shop the bazaar over there.

It was so crowded as usual and Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, you can see many people buying goods and stuff. If you are hungry, why not come by to Albert Food Centre and try the local food?

You will be very tempted to try all the food there. Most of the stalls are very famous and featured in various food magazine, food channel and even newspaper.

If you feel tired, you can simply walk back to LandMark Village Hotel to rest and even shower before going out again. Or, you can even use their gym facilities for free at 7th Floor.

Their Breakfast Buffet is not really appealing to me. Or perhaps I am not feeling well on that day. Their fried eggs already prepared in advance and it was so cold. It will be good if the chief could fried on the spot so that it could keep it freshness.

Their food is cold and they did not replenish it. I only can eat dull food due to my stomach not feeling well. There's room to improve in their breakfast buffet.

Their toilet ought to improve as well especially when the guest is shower. I do not want to use the rain shower head just because their shower tap was not working. And they should expand their glass so that it will not splash outside and their drain should make slightly bigger so that the water can flow down and will not cause it flood.

During the checked out day, I called their Customer Service hotline if I could extend my check out till 1300 hours (Official check out time: 1200 hours)? Their customer Service officer allowed me to extend and she's very polite.

During the check out, It was rather crowded. I queued patiently and observed them. All their Customer Service officer (CSO) are friendly despite some of their rude guests.

Soon, it was my turn to check out. The CSO smiled at me and very polite to assist me in checking out.

I really enjoyed myself at landmark Village Hotel! Thank you for giving me such a pleasant and wonderful stay in your hotel! You have a Great Team of Customer Service officers! Keep it up the good work!!

Once again, I would like to thank for the following sponsors:

1. OMY (, Singapore Press Holding (

2. Landmark Village Hotel, Singapore by far east hospitality (

Photographs taken by: Samsung Note II

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