Monday, March 3, 2014

[EXCLUSIVE] Elvin Law Interview, Manhunt Singapore 2014 Contestant

Elvin Law, 34, standing at 188cm, 67kg. He is one of the contestant that will be taking part in Manhunt Singapore 2014. I am very fortunate to interview Elvin and will share to all readers why he join this Manhunt Singapore 2014 contest?

Hello Elvin, Thank you for accepting my interview with you! Elvin, tell us more about yourself.

I pursue perfection and when my mind is set on doing something, I wouldn't back out once I embark on it. Definitely not a social butterfly, so many people will find me quiet and reserved. But when I am with closer friends, the other side of me will show. But Definitely, a pleasant person. :)

What makes you to join Manhunt Singapore 2014?

I was referred by a friend and thought at my age if someone thinks I have what it takes, why not? Give myself exposure to the media world and how it feels when all attention are on you!! 'Experience' sums it up.

How is your preparation for this upcoming Manhunt Singapore 2014?

Workout, eating clean and rest well!

Who is your most important person in your life and go through all the process with you?

I usually keep many things to myself and beside my parent's who always gives me support in all I do, I would think the inner me is my next most important person who went through every process with me.

How long you been to the gym?

I started 6 years ago.

What makes you to inspire to gym?

Because of the sports I took part, I need to build the strength I required.

Do you think you can inspire people? Why?

I hope I can, not everyone, but definitely some along the way. Because if I realise I am beginning to set out to inspire someone, I will go all out to get it done!!

Now everyone would love to know this especially to the girls! Are you Single or are you attached?

I am currently Single.

Wow I am sure many girls will be very happy to know about it!!


I understand that you joined Dragon Boat. How long have you been paddler?

Yes! I have been padding for 9 years!

Who introduced this sport to you?

After I graduated and started my first job, I decided I need to find some sports activities to keep myself healthy. Through a conversation with a friend, I try out the sports.

Tell us what is the training like for Dragon Boat?

Minimum 2 hours under the sun and your best friend will be the water, boat and your paddle. Gym and land training are crucial too.

What kind of sport do you like as well?

I like team sport, and I am a regular volleyball player before I started dragon boating.

If you have the chance to be celebrity in the entertainment industry, are you keen and why?

Why not? It will be a different world altogether and its definitely a good experience to explore the road less travelled.

What makes you to be so special/unique?

Physically taller than the average human around?

<Conclusion Note>

When I first met Elvin, I admitted that he is very tall! As what he mentioned he's very introverted personality but once you know him better, he can actually share more things to you.

I can sense that Elvin have a great charismatic and he present himself very well. He loves and very passionate on his Dragon Boat and no matter what it takes, he will make it effort to train with his peers.

Elvin Law need your support! Please show your support by voting for him for his Senior Manhunt Singapore 2014.

Please click here to vote for Elvin. Please note that each vote cost you SGD$11.00 (USD$9.00). Voting closes on 11 September 2014, 1700 hours (SINGAPORE TIME GMT +0800).

Every vote counts and it is very important to him.

Do you have any encouragement message to Elvin on his upcoming manhunt Singapore 2014? You may leave down your message here and I will pass all your encouragement messages to Elvin.

Please click here to view more of Elvin's photos.

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