Sunday, February 16, 2014

Singapore Airshow 2014 (11-16 February 2014)

I am very fortunate to receive the Singapore Airshow 2014 complimentary ticket on the last day of the airshow. Many guests all flocked to Expo MRT Station to board the free shuttle bus to Changi Exhibition Centre.

Singapore Airshow 2014 held every two (2) Years and also the largest exhibition organiser in Asia that features the newest technology for the Aerospace/ Aviation industry. At Singapore Airshow 2014, the Singapore Airforce and Overseas Airforce will perform stunting aerobatic flying displays to the invited guests (11-14 February 2014) and to the public (15- 16 February 2014).

Not only aerobatic flying displays, visitors get the chance to ride and photo taking with the Republic's and overseas Airforce planes and helicopters. 

If this not enough for you, you can visit to the Republic's Airforce exhibition hall, where you will have the better understanding of the Singapore Airforce history. You also can try the driving simulator of controlling the flight and catch the 3D show.

If you missed this year Singapore Airshow 2014, you can visit to the Singapore Airshow 2016, which will be held on 16-21 February 2016. You can visit to their official website here for more information.

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