Saturday, May 4, 2013

Melaka Part IV: Portuguese Settlement

Portuguese Settlement is the only kind which you could find it in South East Asia of Melaka, Malaysia. When I reached the Portuguese Settlement, I am so amazed when the surrounding. As they are located near to the coastline.

Portuguese Settlement is a small and quiet town. I can able listen to the sea wave sound and it really a enjoyable and peaceful moment for me.

At Portuguese Settlement, you can see Jesus status display outdoor as many of them are mostly Catholic.

I got the chance to interact with the local here in Melaka, they told me that during the month of December, the Portuguese will decorate their house for the Christmas Season where Jesus was born on the 25th December.

Many people will visit here to see the christmas display and attend the Christmas carnival which are prepared by the Portuguese. It makes the quiet and peaceful town into crowded and full of happiness town during the December.

If you would like to visit to Portuguese Settlement, I would recommend you to come in the evening on weekends as most stalls will be open at the Portuguese Square.

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