Tuesday, May 7, 2013


On the 4th and 5th May 2013, ユニクロ (UNIQLO) organised UT POP-UP! SIN which was held at 72-13 Mohd Sultan. The event also featured artists from Noise Singapore. I am so fortunate that I had successful reserved for this UT POP-UP! SIN event which was held in Singapore for the first time!

Ed and I head down to City Hall on the 5th May 2013 as ユニクロ provided free bus transportation to the event area. It took us about 15 minutes bus journey to reach 72-13 Mohd Sultan.

I went to the registration counter to register my name and the staff passed me the Goodie bag which contains: Magazine, Mug and Writing Notebook.

After that we went to the event hall at Ground Floor. They decorated all their new UT and it was so beautiful especially the lighting shine on the UT.

They also included a Photo Booth and a fitting room where the guest could able to try ユニクロ UT and also snap a photo of them at the photo booth where ユニクロ will make a photo badge which can be collected at 2F for free.

ユニクロ also make use of this event to introduce their very own  UTCAMERA where you can shoot and share by wearing UT and showcase to everyone around the world.

They also have the stage where the artists from Noise Singapore will be perform for the guest who attend this event.

ユニクロ are extremely thoughtful to all their guests that they gave away free drink can or mineral water at drink bar corner. They also installed few Noise Singapore showcase hanged on the wall.

At 2F, guests can buy the UT clothing which they saw from the Ground floor and those UT are exclusive for the UT POP-UP! SIN event only!

The guests also can collect their free photo badge at this floor and at the same the staff will pass the discount coupon for them to buy the UT clothing.

The staff also given away free candy and exclusive paper bag when u purchase any UT clothing over here.

After the guest done their shopping, they can visit to the Ground floor and watch the live performance from Noise Singapore and at the same time the guests can aware of the local artists and support them!

This is such a great opportunity to attend such a grand event which was organised by ユニクロ Singapore. I hope next year they will organised this UT POP-UP! SIN and bring in more UT clothing so that more people can buy their UT without any disappointment.

I glad to attend UT POP-UP! SIN 2013. Thank you ユニクロ for brining 'UT POP-UP!' into Singapore.

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