Thursday, May 2, 2013

Melaka Part II: The Historical State

Have you been to Melaka (Malacca) or are you planning to travel to Melaka for short vacation trip? Melaka is the place where you should visit and explore around! To the local, Melaka is consider the historical state in West Malaysia. As people will tell you that if you never been to Melaka, you do not been to Malaysia!

Do you know that Melaka is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in South East Asia? This is very heart warming that Melaka is being recognised by the UNESCO community and this is also part of the Melaka history which should be preserved and recognised internationally.

In today context, you can see many preserved fortress, churches, building structures which was very much Portuguese, Dutch and british style design as Melaka was once controlled by the Portuguese, Dutch and the Great Britain.

During the glory time, Melaka is the busiest harbour port at that time as many traders travelling all the way to South East Asia to do their trader before heading to Singapore.

In the Chinese historical book, Admiral Cheng Ho, the 'three jewelled eunuch prince' from Ming Dynasty came over to Melaka to seal diplomatic relation and trading.

When you walk around Melaka, remember to look down on the ground, who know that you might discover historical structure which are awaiting to dig out from the soil!

When you reach Melaka, you can visit to their historical site like the fortress of A'Famosa, Bukit St Paul (St Paul Hill), St Francis Xavier Church, Christ Church Melaka, Clock Tower, The fountain, oldest Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and the Mosque.

If you are tired of walking, you might want to consider to take a boat ride to explore the Melaka. It is a totally awesome experience! Where you can able to know more history in this Melaka river.

During the evening time, it turn into very romantic and colourful light display which you could ever imagine. I am so fortunate to travel to Melaka for a short vacation trip.

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