Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gardens by the Bay Present: Tulipmania Floral Display

Are you planning for families outing over the weekends or are you thinking of somewhere special where you thought you are in Netherlands? If the answer is YES, I recommend you to visit to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore!

Gardens by the Bay Present to you 'Tulipmania Floral Display' which is held at Flower Dome from 29th April to 20 May 2013.

They especially imported 20,000 tulip from Netherlands where you can get to see blossom tulips and vibrant of spring colors like Red, Pink, Purple, White and yellow.

They also features Dutch windmills and extremely large size of customised wooden clogs! You are allowed to take photos of the customised wooden clogs near to the Flower Dome entrance.

You will be trilled to see so many vibrant colors of tulips around the Flower Dome. Do you even know that Tulip is the 2nd most popular flowers in the world?

In general, the Tulip means true, passionate and a perfect lover. It means that they are passion, fame and  romance. Tulip also associated with spring especially when tulip blooming with vibrant of colors.

Each of the Tulip color have their own meaning and symbolism.

Red Tulip mean true love.
Yellow Tulip which earlier suggested as hopeless love but in Today context, they changes to cheerful thoughts and sunshine.
Orange Tulip mean Happiness, Fascination and Warmth.
White Tulip mean ask for forgiveness.
Pink Tulip means confidence and happiness.
Purple Tulip means royalty.
In the center of the Tulip that is velvet in texture and almost black in color, it represent the heart of a lover that is fired with passion.
Blotched and striped flowers represent beautiful eyes.

If you like what you are seeing right now, Hurry down to Gardens by the Bay and enjoy spectator Tulip Mania Floral Display now!  You can visit to Gardens by the Bay website here.

To view more of the Tulipmania Floral Display, visit my FB page here.

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