Monday, May 27, 2013

The Food Dot

Little India which is located in the North Eastern of Singapore, where the Indian forefathers doing their trade here during the colony time. This is the place where they call it as home. In today context, Little India is still exist where you can explore around.

In the vibrant neighborhood of Little India, you can learn on Indian rich history and their culture, you can taste their delicious and tasty food, celebrate their festival together and better understanding and respect their place of worship.

In people perspective, they thought that Little India is just a place of interest to the overseas guests without exploring around. you would never expected to find a place to chill out with your loved one or having HI-Tea at Little India.

The Food Dot which is owned by Chief John See. His half Cafe, half cooking studio located at 70 Race Course Road, Singapore 218572. Nearest MRT Station: NE7/DT12* Little India Exit E.

The Food Dot offers various of choices just for you. You can enjoy his delicious pastry, enjoy HI-Tea with your loved one or enjoy the HI-Tea buffet. If this is not enough for you, you can able to learn hand- on baking pastry or learn how to cook Singapore local food.

Last Saturday, my friends and I had this great opportunity to visit to the Food Dot for our first gathering and also enjoy the HI-Tea buffet. Upon reaching the Food Dot, Chief See greeted us and the crew member served us our dining seats.

The Cafe somehow look like a showroom but very neat kind. The ambience was very homely feel. At the back of the premise will be The Food Dot Cooking Studio where they will prepared the food and served all their guests who visited them.

After we settled down, Chief See told us the brief of his pastry creation that we are going to have it for our HI-Tea Buffet. They also prepared Iced Lychee Rose tea and ice cream for us. After that, the Chief See helped us took photos with his yummy pastries that should not be missed!

The texture of the pastries looked so delicious. Once you looked at it, you will be drooling away and wanted to try it straight away! You can enjoy the Coffee Pudding, Waffle, Dark Chocolate cake, cookies and many more.

We also paid for their Macaroons (2 for SGD$5.00). Green Tea and Chocolate flavour. But I preferred Chocolate flavour instead as the Green Tea tasted too milky and weird (I am not a milky person).

Look at the photos, We are satisfied and had a pleasant experience for our HI-Tea buffet at the Food Dot.

We loved the ice cream! Especially the Rum and Raisin. We can tasted alcohol in the ice cream. They also included icy and plenty of Raisin! As a Raisin lover, It was a bonus for us!

Soon after, they changed Iced Pineapple tea for us. Which all of us do not like it as it was simply way too sweet compared to the Iced Lychee Rose Tea.

Our small suggestion was that, it will be great if they served Iced Lychee Rose Tea due to the pastries and the ice cream sweetness which will caused the Iced Pineapple Tea to be extremely sweet!

Furthermore, Ice Lychee Rose Tea can makes us feel more refreshed and easy to digest the pastries which was served to us.

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves at the Food Dot! This is the first time that we felt extremely full just to eat the pastries! We did not even refilled the pastries as well.

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