Sunday, April 14, 2013


Are you curving for cakes or dessert after your tension work? Or you would like to chill out with your friends and families? I would like to recommend Le Chocolat Cafe to you.

Le Chocolat Cafe is located at The Club Hotel, 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708. It near to Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station. They open daily from 0730 hours to 2300 hours.

What make it special about Le Chocolat Cafe is that, They are housed in a heritage building and the design blend with contemporary and yet antique kind.

When you step inside the cafe, you will be amazed and WOW! Although Le Chocolat Cafe premies is small but yet the design is nice and contemporary as mentioned. Le Chocolat Cafe is rather humid as I could not feel the air-con and it will be rather crowded during the peak hours. It will be great if they could install more Air-con or the door could be close.

When my friend and I arrived at Le Chocolat Cafe, we are rather lost as the staff seem to be very busy with the crowds. Fortunately, I made a reservation before visiting to Le Chocolat Cafe. I approached the staff and he was friendly enough to bring us to our table. After which, the staff walked away.

As this was our first time visiting to Le Chocolat Cafe, we are not sure what should we ordered. But as for me, I knew that they are famous for Rainbow cake, so I also did made a reservation for it. I went to the cashier counter and ask for the menu.

So we ordered, 1 Lychee Tango- SGD$6.50, 1 Red Lip- SGD$6.90, 1 Rainbow Cake- SGD$7.00 and 1 White Chocolate Raspberry cheese cake- SGD7.00.

After awhile, the staff served us our cakes follow by our drink! As typically Asian people will do is to snap a photos of our cakes and our drink!

The way they presentation the cakes looked yummy! Without much hesitate, we began to try their signature Rainbow Cake. At first, we tried the rainbow cake was kinda salty at first but slowly the cake was rather sweet.

After the Rainbow Cake, we tried the White Chocolate Raspberry cheese cake. As I not into cheesecake, my tastebud told me that it was cheesy and the smell was strong!

We do enjoyed ourselves at Le Chocolat Cafe. In term of the cafe ambience. If you are using Standard Chartered Bank- The Manhattan Card, you can enjoy 10% discount.

If you intend to have a group gathering of up to 5 person, I suggest you to call them at +65 6808 2184 to make a reservation and try to avoid from 1900 hours to 2100 hours as it will be very crowded due to the dining setting in the cafe.

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