Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Surrounding Area Around Park Royal on Pickering, Singapore

Park Royal on Pickering is a prime location which is very convenience and accessible to many attractions and eatery places for you can visit and explore around!

From Park Royal on Pickering, you can visit to Chinatown after you had finished your International Breakfast buffet from Lime Restaurant and Bar or you can visit it during the day time!

At Chinatown, you will be attracted to the colorful colony houses and the old buildings that was left behind. Each building tells the story of their own history. It also blended very well from the modern building structure. 

From the Garden Bridge, you could able to take pictures on certain parts of Chinatown scenery and at the same time, it could connect you to opposite side of Chinatown.

味香園甜品 Mei Heong Yuen Dessert store is just across the street of Lucky Chinatown (Near to McDonald's). Mei Heong Yuen served the best desserts in Chinatown!

Tong Heng Confectionary (Near to Maxwell Food Center) sells the crispy and crushing eggs tart! What make it special is that they are the only confectionary shop that sell Coconut tarts!

If you are into Lomography or retro photograph, you must not miss the Lomography Gallery Store which is just near to Tong Heng Confectionary shop and Maxwell Food center!

If you are curving for Japanese food, you can visit to Tamoya Udon. Do you know that Singapore is their first overseas outlet outside Japan? They served the best Udon in Chinatown! You also can refill the soup for free!

Up the hill, you can visit to Le Chocolat Cafe at the Club Hotel for a cup of High Tea and enjoy their delicious pastry! Especially their signature Rainbow cake!

I had blogged Le Chocolat Cafe on my previous blog entry, you can click HERE to read it.

What more importantly when you visit to Chinatown is that you need to explore and experience the cultural from differences ethics group in Singapore.

You could visit to the Chinese Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Indian Sri Mariamman Temple and Islam Jamae Mosque which is very nearby to each other at the heart of Chinatown.

Where can you find differences ethic groups culture places of worship blend in so well anywhere in the world except Singapore?  This is a good example of Racial harmony in Singapore.

If you visit to Chinese Temple, please refrain from wearing singlet and mini skirt/short as a sign of respect and the follow the house rule that set by the temple.

If you are lucky on that day, you can experience how the Hindu celebrates their festival in their temple and you will have better understanding of the Indian culture.

Please remember to remove your shoes when you are entering to the Indian Temple as a sign of respect. Please follow the house rules that set by the temple.

If you are lost or do not know where to go in Chinatown, fear not! You could visit to the Chinatown visitor center beside Chinatown Complex or you can visit to Tourist Information at the
mobile booth near to Sri Mariamman Temple or you can grab the map from certain shops in Chinatown.

Remember to apply sunblock and drink more water while exploring the Chinatown!

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