Sunday, August 18, 2013

International Breakfast Buffet at Park Royal on Pickering

Lime Restaurant and Bar is situated on ground level (Hotel's lobby) of the Park Royal Hotel on Pickering.

Every morning from 0630 hours to 1030 hours, the hotel guests will come down to queue for their free complimentary International Breakfast Buffet which the hotel provided. Their friendly staff will greet all their hotel guests and it feel so friendly and welcoming ambience.

I loved their interior design! It is so contrast with the lighting. It looked so elegant. Even their kitchen are open concept where you can get to see the chief cook breakfast for you!

After they allocated a seat for your to dine in, the friendly waiter will bring you to your dining area. After which, they will ask you if you want Coffee or Tea.  They will even helped you to pour on your cup without asking them.

You will be spoilt by many food selections for you to choose from! They served the best breakfast and I loved their waffle as it was so crushing and crispy! I also mixed with Almond, Raspberry and honey and dripped on my yummy waffle! You may want to try their bread as well!

I am sure you will like their International Breakfast Buffet as I do!

In the next Blog entry, I will be blogging on the hotel facilities and the nearby places of interest from Park Royal Hotel on Pickering, a ParkRoyal Collection Hotel, Singapore.

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