Friday, August 9, 2013

Celio* Summer Showcase at Plaza Singapura!

As many of you know that I am not a Fashion style of person and rather I can category myself as Fashion idiot. I always wanted to wear something nice which can look good on me.

I decided to ask my God Brother out for some fashion and styling opinion. We agreed and met at Plaza Singapura. While we walked towards the mall, we saw a showcase display between StarHub and Four Fingers by Celio*.

Celio* showcase summer collection which was quite trendy and look quite affordable. I guess I will look great in wearing Celio* clothing! At the same time, My God Brother can able to help me out as a fashion advisor. So we decided to visit to Celio* outlet at 3F which are located in the new wing of Plaza Singapura.

Soon, we reached Celio*. The friendly staff warmly greeted you 'Bonjour, Welcome to Celio*' They served and helped us on their new summer collection.

I told them that I need fashion and styling advices. At the same time, my God brother will be my model in trying out the clothes from Celio* and he also taught me how to wear and what to match with those clothing.

I browsed around and saw a pair of shoes which I quite liked it very much especially the bright blue color one. But then, I am not sure how could I matched with the shoes.

 My God brother grabbed some clothing and tried in the fitting room. After that he told me that I could wear such shirt and pant to match with the shoes that I liked. It was quite slim fit though and I can wear it as causal style.

After that, he took second sets of clothing and tried in the fitting room. On the second outfit,  I can wear it for function events or heading for clubbing.

The third outfit which my God brother tried are smart causal look. It looked great on this outfit!
Celio* really good in  men cutting especially for Asian. It was well fitted.

Not only that, it can showcase your confident in wearing their clothing! It was a great exposures for me in learning how to style myself with the help of my God-brother and the friendly staff of Celio*!

In the end, I decided to get a pair of shoes and a shirt on first outfit which rather suitable for me. =)

Do you know that Celio* is Paris-France brand established in 1985? They have more than 1000 stores in 60 countries which also included Singapore?

What's more, simply quote ‘Omy bloggers’ at celio* Plaza Singapura (New Wing) #03-41 store and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items. (Valid from 1st to 31st Aug 2013)

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