Saturday, August 10, 2013

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

Are you a fan of Magnum? Do you know that Magnum Singapore opens their Pleasure store at Clarke Quay Central Fountain!

Many people are excited on Magnum pleasure store landing in Singapore! Although Magnum Pleasure Store will be at Clarke Quay temporary, it attracted many people to queue up and try the magnum! At the same time, they can create their own very magnum at just SGD$7!

I also could not stop the resistance and queued to try the magnum that they offers! The temporary pleasure store space are quite limited and could not hold so many dining customer.

I can consider myself lucky that I could manage to get a seat and order the ice cream from the menu.

I ordered Vincent Van Gogh (SGD$17) and That Warm Fuzzy Feeling (SGD$17). They decorated the Magnum look so yummy and tasty. And I really love it! Even their lava cake are so juicy and hot!.

You also can try your very own DIY Magnum ice cream at SGD$7! you can choose any 3 favours of your choice and they will mix it for you. After that, you can choose the chocolate sauces of your choice like Dark Chocolate, White chocolate and normal chocolate.

From now till 25 August 2013, head down to 3D River Valley Road, Clake Quay, Central Fountain and enjoy the Magnum ice cream!

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