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Staycation Park Royal Hotel on Pickering, Singapore

Are you looking for short vacation trip but laze to travel out of Singapore as you scare of traffic congested in the Immigration & Checkpoints at woodlands and Tuas? Are you looking for some places where you could relax without leaving the country?

Do you know that in Singapore you could actually Staycation in luxury hotels during the weekends or public holiday on your own or with your loved one? There is no need for  you to travel out to nearby countries just to relax yourself.

Follow me, as I bring you excitement staycation article with Park Royal Hotel on Pickering, Singapore. A collection Hotel for Park Royal Group and also a member of Global Hotel Alliance.

Park Royal Hotel on Pickering, Singapore is a brand new and Singapore's first hotel in a garden which opened it business on 15 January 2013. The hotel located in between North East Line NE5 Clarke Quay Station and North East LINE NE4/ Downtown Line DT19 Chinatown Station.

I checked in on August 9, 2013 around 1400 hours. The hotel lobby looked extremely grand and with modernise interiors. The counter was rather crowded but the queue was in orderly manner. While queued to check in to my hotel room, the friendly staff offered compliment drink. It was so refreshing in this humid weather.

Soon, it reached my turn. The staff warmly welcomed me to Park Royal and allocated my room in 12F unit 12 which I considered high floor as the hotel highest floor is 16. I am so excited and looked forward to my hotel room! They also provided complimentary newspaper in the morning. You can choose the Local newspaper, THE STRAITS TIMES or INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE.

I took the lift and tap the hotel room card to my designated floor. When I reached 12F, the corridors are outdoor concept and extremely ECO friendly. Although the hotel did not installed the air- con in corridors except the lift lobby. You can felt it was windy and you can see the beautiful scenery of Singapore.

When I reached my room, I tapped the card and open the hotel room door and I am amused by the hotel room! The room was built on bamboo and looked very natural.

You also can smelled the bamboo too! It makes you feel so comfortable and relaxing. Somehow it makes me feel like I am in Japan right now due to the way they designs their hotel room. So Japanese style.

From my hotel room, I can see certain parts of the City view. I extremely loved the ambience of my hotel room especially I could see the cityscape!

The toilet are open concept which makes the hotel room looked big! If you are sharing with your families or friends, you could simply pull the bamboo to the side and close it. It will be great if they provided rain shower.

The hotel does not provide any plastic drinking water due to environment. Instead, they provided a glass bottle of drinking water. You also can call the reception if you request more drinking water.

Allow me to give you a tour on my hotel room! The hotel switch are sensor type and the room air-conditional, it default set to 25 degree. If you wish to lower the air-conditional, you can simply touch it (Sensor) which located near to the bed area. You can adjust day or night curtains of your choice by pressing the switch. Which I really love it as it gives you more privacy and I no need to adjust manually.

If you do not want to use the hotel mini-bar or if you have kids around, you can request the reception to automatic lock it so that it could prevent any charges if you or your kids accidentally removed it from the mini bar as they will charge you automatically through the sensor.

Below the mini bar, you can find complimentary coffee or tea for your consume or you can boil water using the electrical kettle which they provided.

The hotel also provided work desk if you are business traveller. They also provided complimentary LAN cable or Wifi for you to connect to internet. If you are bored, you can tune in to LCD TV and watch the Local or International TV channel.

Since the hotel concept are ECO friendly, they also provided two difference bin for you to throw your rubbish. You can throw your rubbish which you think it is a waste or the rubbish could able to recycle.

I simply loved the wardrobe. It looked near and tidy and they also have extra space for your to put your shopping bag in the wardrobe.

They provided King size bed which are super soft and very comfortably! I can laze inside the bed and watch the TV or surf net!

The hotel also congenial by providing alarm clock and lamp so that you can wake up on time or do some reading on the bed.

As I mentioned that I loved the cityscape scenery from my hotel room, I also posted some of the special moments which I captured. On that day, it was Singapore's 48 National Day. I am so fortunate to catch some of the LIVE performance from the Marina Bay Floating Stadium!

Especially the night scenery the ambience turned to be romantic. If you bring your partner to stay, it will be very lovely! And I am not kidding you!

In my next blog entry, I will be posting the Buffet Breakfast, the hotel facilities and the nearby places of interest from Park Royal Hotel on Pickering, Singapore.

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