Sunday, July 29, 2012

Verandah Contemporary Asian Bistro

Verandah Contemporary Asia Bistro is located at Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Their bistro is based on the Black & White Bungalows and their interior designs are in Retro theme.

When you step inside the bistro, the staff will greet you and will bring you to your seat. After that, the staff will inform you to order your food at the counter. When you look at their menu, most of the food are based on the local Asian dishes like Mee Siam, Wok- fried Seafood noddles and they also served Western food as well!

My aunt ordered Tempura Fish & Chip (SGD$20) and while I ordered Asian Pork Chop (SGD$24). We also ordered Fresh Fruit Juices (SGD$7) as well. After that, the counter staff will pass you the number tag. While we are waiting for our food to be served. I observed the bistro and the staffs.

 I loved this bistro ambience. I guess the owner of this bistro should had spent the effort to decorate it. Their floor tile are in the 70's kind, their wall decorated with old photos, old lamp, fans and even the clock. It look retro but very modernize and cosy too.

The staff basically extremely friendly. They served the customer with a smile, but they intend to get together and chit chat without noticing the diners. I saw elderly diner wanted to push the doors. She struggled quite awhile before the staff noticed it and helped her to open! It will be good if the staff can pay more attention while they chit chatting.

Asian Pork Chop

Tempura Fish & Chip

About 15 minutes later, our food are being served. The way they presented the food look very neat, tasty and yummy. My aunt let me tried her Tempura Fish & Chip. When I tried, the Fish & Chip was very juicy and crispy!

I tried my Pork Chop. The meat was hard! Not well cooked (can see the reddish) and look thick! Not very tendered through. It was like I am having a rock for my dinner! I had a hard time to chew the meat.

If you asked me to choose, I would rather choose my aunt Tempura Fish & Chip!

After our food, we had our Fruit Juice! It was a rather big glass of Fruit Juice and it was freshly made! You can add two fruits and it was quite reasonable.

Overall: Verandah Contemporary Asian Bistro is ideal for those who have families and those wanted to find a gathering place to chill out. Not recommend for couple who want a quiet and romantic place to dine in as it can be quite noisy when there is kids around and also during the peak hours.

Price Range: Starting SGD$6 to SGD$30.

Halah: Verandah Contemporary Asian Bistro served NON-HALAH food! Please do not bring your Muslim friends here.

Visit Verandah Contemporary Asian Bistro at Arrival Square, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore, Singapore 018953. Nearest MRT: BayFront Station (CE1/DT16) and Marina Bay Interchange (NS27/CE2).

Opening hours: 1100 hours to 2130 hours daily.

For any inquiry, please call them at +65 6636 1360 or email them at
Visit their Facebook Page here.

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