Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Minutes Friends Food & Fame

15 Minutes Friends Food Fame is a cafe inspired by Andy Warhol's quote, "In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes".

15 Minutes is located at Block D, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore. They served Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and drinks (With and without Alcohol). There will be Live Performance on Friday and Saturday starting at 2030 hours onwards.

This is a cool place to get together with your loved one. As you can enjoy the live music performance while having your dinner or chill out with a half pint of beer with them.

If you like to eat something light, perhaps you can order Salad in the Jar. You can choose 8 types of Salad in the Jar. We ordered Caesar Pesto Chicken.

If you like to eat main course, I can recommend you to try their Lemon Grass Chicken. Their chicken is very tender and the wedges is crispy and fresh!

Or you can consider order their 15 Minutes Home- made thin crust pizza. We ordered smoked duck pizza. It contains smoked duck, Eggs, Orange and nuts.

Dessert Time! We ordered Apple Crumble with ice cream and Chocolate Muffin (Petit Gâteau) with ice cream. I do not really like the apple crumble as it taste more like butter then towards to apple smell.

We tried Petit Gâteau but was disappointed. Although they served hot but it does not have crunchy rind and mellow filling (Something like lava volcano) But, we do enjoyed their ice cream!

Promotion from 15 Minutes Friends Food Fame

With the minimum of SGD$20, you can earn 1 QR code loyalty Acorns and scan in Squiryl app. Collect certain amount of Acorns to redeem rewards. You can download Squiryl app from your iPhone or Android phone.

If you have OCBC Frank Card, you can enjoy 5% Cash rebate while using Frank card for payment. For more detail, you can click here for more information.

Address to 15 Minutes Friends Food Fame

1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940.

To make a reservation, please call them at +65 6333 5915
Visit their website at

Opening Hours:

Monday- Thursday: 1115 hours to 2300 hours
Friday: 1115 hours to 0000 hours
Saturday: 1115 hours to 2300 hours
Sunday: Closed.

Scan the below QR code for your reference.

15 Minutes Location Address

15 Minutes full details

15 Minutes Menu

Heineken Beer SGD$10.00
Salad in the Jar

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