Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OMY Blog Awards 2012

On 21st July 2012, I am honored to attend Singapore Press Holding (SPH) OMY 5th Blog Awards 2012 which was held at Singapore Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer.
When I reached there at 1300 hours, the staffs are still busying setting up for the event. About 1330 hours, we are allowed to register ourselves for this event. I saw some bloggers wore super hero costume as it was part of the OMY Blog Awards theme.

After registration, I find a spot to sit and wait for the event to start. Just then, there are few 3 horror characters appear in front of us. It was part of the Singapore Flyer Fright Fest 2012- The Undead Forest that will be held on September.

About 1400 hours, the event commerce. The staff passed us a piece of voting form for us to vote and guess who is the winner of Casio sheen contest and also stand a chance to walk away one piece of Casio watch! But unfortunately I did not won the Casio Watch.

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education was the guest of honor in OMY Blog Awards 2012. I got myself a chance to witness the winner of categories blogger like DOMINO'S BEST FOOD BLOG, PANASONIC ECO BEST PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG, SOLD.SG BEST WHAT-THE-HELL BLOG and so on.

There are free food (buffet style) which was prepared by the Singapore Food Trail stall holders. We got the chance to taste the local famous food like Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Satay Mee Hoon, Roasted Chicken, Chicken Satay, Meatball soup, Rojak and many more.

The crowds are getting hyperactive when Dr Jia Jia & Big Bro (Singaporean kids who speak Singlish) won the BEST V-LOG. Everyone raising up their hands when Dr Jia Jia say ke siew (raise your hand up in Hokkien Chinese dialect language). It was full of laugher and enjoyable humid saturday.

Not only the local blogger who took part in OMY Blog Awards 2012, there are overseas blogger friends who joined as well! It will make this event very interesting and we get to know more about them and we welcome them to Singapore! (Hopefully they will blog good stuff about Singapore ^^) Our overseas blogger friend from philippines won the Best SuperHero costume award!

After the event ended, we are given a goodie bag for us to keep. I really enjoyed this event! Thank you SPH OMY for giving me a chance to attend this event! I hope to attend more of this event by OMY! I guess I need to learn from the winner blogger and take part in OMY Blog Awards next year!!

You can logon to OMY website to read the post event and also be part of OMY family!

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