Sunday, January 5, 2014


Singapore's very own Action short film known as 'The RULE Breaker', directed by Jaze Phua.

The RULE Breakers is about how students are fighting among themselves and breaking the rules. Many of you might recalled or experienced how your classmates or yourself broke the school rules and fought among yourselves during your school time.

The RULE Breaker also collaboration with the promising actor, 'Eden Ang'. Eden had filmed many local drama. You might spotted Eden on recent English film 'LOVE NOTES' that was aired in Singapore's MediaCorp Channel 5.

The RULE Breaker also featuring Jaze Phua and James Fong. Want to find out how the 3 boys behaved in school and how are they going to break the rules as they are CLASSIFIED as the naughtiness students in the school? Stay tune to my blog soon to find out!

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