Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sample Store

Do you ever had such thought before which stated below?

1) You visited to a Department Store. You saw a new product launched. This new product could helped and improved your skin and make you feel younger. When you saw the price, you are shocked as it was way beyond your budget.

2) You visited to a Department Store. You saw a new product launched that can helped and improved on your skin and make you feel younger. You wanted to buy the new product to try but you are not sure how effective this product could helped you. What more, this product did not come in small size.

3) Do you ever wonder if all those new brand can have free sample for you to try out before you actually head down to Department Store and purchase those products which you think it helps you?

4) You purchased Beauty and facial products from the established store, you saw their new arrival rack and you wanted to try their new product but you are too shy to ask for sample?

If all the above questions is Yes, do not worry! I have a great website to recommend you to try out all the free samples! Yes, you did not see wrongly!! I mentioned FREE SAMPLE!

Are you ready to read on??

Sample Store is a Singapore registered online company founded by Singaporean. It was established in year 2008 and at that time, it was known as fr3b.

Today, Sample Store is now a member of Singapore Post group of companies and the company grow up to 80,000 members!

From Sample Store, you can choose your free sample with more than 100 different brands from their website by using your points. You can request maximum 3 samples and you need to pay SGD$5.99 for handling fee or  waived off the handling fee if you choose a products which was sponsored by the supplier.

After you received the product and tried it, you can write down your experience/review via Sample Store and you will awarded 2 points. What more, their membership is FREE! You no need to pay any single cent to join their member to get the free sample!

As for me, I had joined Sample Store and I used my points to redeem 4 free samples. I had chosen Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream, Darlie Double Action Mint toothpaste (Sponsored Sample), CLEAR Nourishing Scalp Care for Men and Neogence Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.

After that, I checked out and it directed me to payment site to pay the handling fee. I checked my address and the samples that I requested are correct and I made the payment. It will takes 4 to 6 working days to receive the package!

I received the package within the time frame which they stated! I am very surprised that Sample Store packed very nicely. They also use bubble wrapper to wrap the samples that I requested. What more, they also included Chupa Chups X Kiss Me Lip Cream (Cherry) for free!!

As this is my first time redeem free samples from Sample Store, I did not expected that they will provided a good service by wrapping up so nicely and also throw in free gift to their member!

This is a good customer oriented company which I could describe them! Plus they are quite trustworthy and credence!

Are you excited to become their member?

All you have to do is follow the simple steps stated below below!

1) Click here to visit their website.
2) Click Register on the left column.
3) Fill in all the details that stated.
4) Checked the box that you agreed on.
5) Type in the words and click Register to join.
6) Update your profile to earn 2 points.

Now you are now part of the Sample Store member! A great way to redeem a free sample! Both Male and Female are welcome to join Sample Store!

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