Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pre-Chinese New Year

Today is the eve of Chinese new year. The Chinese from around the world are looking forward and ushering the year of the Gallop.

Do you know that many Chinese will takes as early as 2 weeks to prepare for Chinese New Year. They will do spring cleaning in their house, decorate the house and prepare for the Chinese new year snacks to usher the new year.

In Singapore, Chinese communities flocked over to Chinatown to have the new year atmosphere and buy the new year stuffstuff. It like a yearly affairs for us to visit to the Chinatown where you can visit to the street bazaar or photo taking of the new year decoration.

When you visit to Chinatown, you should not miss the street bazaar! As you can get many interesting stuff from the bazaar! You can get fried food, snacks, new year decoration and even fashion stuff.

During the night time, you can visit to the centre stage and watch LIVE performance that the organiser had organised. If this not enough for you, you can see the new year street lighting.

You can click the link here to view more of the photos.

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year, you can catch the LIVE telecast of Chinese New Year from Mediacorp.

I hereby to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fat Chai! Huat ah!

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