Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hermes Exhibition- The Gift of Time

Two week ago, Hermes Singapore held it exhibition, 'The Gift of Time' at historical venue, former Tanjung Pagar KTM Railway Station.

Hermes held at former Tanjung Pagar KTM Railway Station as it matches their theme and it also reflect the time where the railway glories used to be. The visitors can attended the Hermes Exhibition for free. The organiser setup it exhibition at the former Ticketing and Waiting Hall.

The visitors also can roam freely in certain part of the railway station and the railway tracks for photo shoot. At the former departure hall, the organiser setup the temporary canteen as to make sure that the visitors would not feel hungry or thirsty while visiting the exhibition.

There was two stall vendors selling nostalgic products! One vendors under Bakerzin and other one under Munch Munch.

Those nostalgic products brings back our childhood memories. The products that they sells are not cheap through.

When we visited to Hermes Exhibition, it was quite crowded and we need to queue for about 15 minutes before we could enter to the exhibition hall. When you entered to the exhibition hall, the tour guide told a brief summary on Hermes history.

After that, they gave each of every visitors a pouch for souvenior to keep before they bring us to next station.

Visitors are allowed to photo shoot the display but prohibited to touch it. If you noticed all their display are linked with time due to their theme. I do hope that Hermes will host another exhibition soon!

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