Monday, June 3, 2013

Toblerone Crunchy Almonds Available in Singapore

When you first heard of Toblerone, you will be thinking of its regular classic yellow, white or black in color packaging which could be found in all island-wide.

During my childhood days, I could remembered that I always wanted to get Toblerone chocolate bar as it was unique and the chocolate are so delicious and so sweet. I enjoyed eating the Dark chocolate (Black Packaging). And till now, Toblerone is still one of my favourite brand.

I would never expected that Toblerone will be releasing a new flavour in Singapore. Just last week, Toblerone, Mondelēz (KRAFT) Switzerland brand quietly launched new flavour and in blue color packaging. It is known as Toblerone Crunchy Almonds.

The chocolate bar mixed with Swiss Milk Chocolate, Crunchy Almond (with Honey and Almond Nougat) and Salted Caramelised Almonds.

I got a chance to get hold of Toblerone Crunchy Almonds chocolate bar. I decided to peel the side of the packaging, unwrap the wrapper and break it up to eat. If you are with me, you can see my expression! It is so awesome!

The taste are very unique. You can taste slightly salty first,  followed by it sweetness and crunchy on the almonds. I am definitely sure you will love it, if you are chocolate fan.

Toblerone Crunchy Almonds chocolate bar is currently available exclusively at all 7-Eleven stores, Giant Super Store (Formerly Shop N Save) and it will be available at all Major supermarkets island-wide from July 2013.

Tobelerone Crunchy Almonds Chocolate Bar selling at SGD$2.70 for 100g.

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