Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hakka Temple 新加坡客家廟宇

In the quiet town of Holland Plain/ Old Holland Link, you can find very old and historical Hakka Temple known as Fong Yun Thai Association columbarium.

Fong Yun Thai Association columbarium established in 1909. Located along Bukit Timah Road and former Old Holland Link.

Since last year, Fong Yun Thai Association columbarium undergo facelift. Beside columbarium, they also under construct a resident area.

Last week, my families and I visited here as my grandparent's final resting place is located here. And also pray for my grandmother as she passed away 10 years ago.

Inside the temple, you can find many Chinese portraits paints and craved writing which was installed in the wall.

Most of the paint are faded due to un-maintain. Hope they could preserved well for our next generation.

To view more photos of Fong Yun Thai Association columbarium, please logon to my FB Page here.

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