Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thunder in Singapore

When I walked from Sentosa island to the mainland of Singapore, I happened to see such a beautiful scenery. The Thunder Strike. Many of you might think what so great about thunder strike? I do hate the thunder especially when it sounds!

Do you know that the Thunder strike also have it own beauty? I managed to shoot thunder strike pose on the facade background of Vivo City.

Shooting a Thunder Strike is not easy as what you think. You need to manage the timing when the thunder will strike and also see on your luck.

I had tried many times to shoot a thunder strike. But somehow I had failed many times and the effect I wanted is not up to standard.

All you need is patient and quietly wait for the thunder to strike and quickly capture the moment where it strike.

Please be caution when you shoot the thunder strike. Remember to stay indoor and be safe.

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