Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Community ART Gallery @ MacPherson

In Singapore, almost 85% of the citizens live in Public housing which is also known as Housing and Development Board (HDB). For people who live in HDB would think that their public housing block look rather dull and lifeless.

Do you know that in the quiet town of MacPherson, you can able to enjoy the colourful Art gallery without visiting to any museum? This is the first Art Gallery you can find in the typical HDB flat in Singapore!

Community ART Gallery @ MacPherson located at Block 56, Pipit Road. It was created by the residents of MacPherson and the students of ITE Central MacPherson. 

It's is very heartwarming that the residents of MacPherson can able to take time off together with the ITE students and painted this ART Gallery to the other residents of MacPherson to enjoy.

As the residents and the students tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, you can have better understanding of Vincent Van Gogh and his masterpiece which was painted by them.

You can able to enjoy Vincent Van Gogh work piece like Starry Night, The Red Vineyard, The Noon Rest and more.

I enjoyed myself in viewing the ART Gallery. I love The Noon Rest as the way they painted look so lively. If you would want to view more of the ART Gallery which I took at Block 56 Pipit Road, logon to my Facebook Page: xFotojournal

Or, it will be great if you could visit it yourself. The admission is Free.

How to go to Community ART Gallery @ MacPherson

MRT: CC10/DT26 MacPherson Station Exit A. Keep walking to the Left (You will pass by Lor BengKok, MacPherson Secondary School, ITE Central MacPherson and cross opposite side by using traffic light)

SMRT Bus Service: 61 
SBS Bus Services: 40, 63, 65, 66, 135, 154, 155, 158
Taxi: Tell the driver to go Block 56 Pipit Road (Aljunied Chap Lao/ 10th Storey/ Near Circuit Road)

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